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Exams are coming up, I'll have to focus on those. I might submit something small, but I won't be spending as much time on it as I did last time unfortunately :/ Looking forward to seeing what you all make though!


Thanks for playing.

I agree: movement is a bit of an issue throughout the game (and most games I make, to be honest!)

Thanks for playing.

I agree about the controls: it seems that the controls end up too floaty most times I try to make a platformer. I feel like I could have improved the controls if I had spent a bit more time on it.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up and offering to interview me! I've sent you an email.

I like the art a lot, and the gameplay is really good. However, I can't get the super fire to work properly, and I feel that it could benefit from some music.


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Unity has many tools which are not part of the editor by default, but can be downloaded from the asset store, such as Cinemachine, Probuilider or the Post Processing Stack: are these allowed? I'm talking specifically about these, published by Unity Technologies: The ones which I plan on using are Cinemachine, Probuilder, (possibly) Post Processing Stack, and ProGrids.

When you are next to a terminal and press space, does it make a nose?

I like it! Very nice co-op game, with a unique twist.

I like it! Great choice of comic, unique idea, and amazing execution!

I like it! Very nice co-op game, with a unique twist.