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A member registered Jan 12, 2017

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Performance / Framerate / Update:

- Game Optimize Update:

+ Optimize some system so the game could run perfectly

+ System Requirements Instruction

My System:

Windows 7 Ultimate

Hewlett Packard

4.7 Windows Experience Index

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 3230M CPU @ 2.60 GHz 2.60 GHz

4GB (3.9 GB Usable)

64Bit Operating System

No Pen Or Touch

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Another Update Ideas In 1.06

+Resources: Leather, Electronic Scrap, Cloth

+Recipes: Armor, Backpack, Bed, Raft Protection Armor, Funitures, Maps,...

+HUD And GUI: Armor Slots, Show "%" For Your Health,Food,Water

+News: Islands, Easter Eggs, NPCs, Coral Underwater, Quest, Missions,...

+NPCs: Chuck Noland, Steve The Minecraft, Dead Island's NPCs

+Easter Eggs: Wilson The Ball, City Atlantis, Subnautica Life Pods,...

P.S: Notice Me Senpai!!!!

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Most Encountered Bugs In The Ocean:

Laggy Bug (Lag Suddenly, even When I use Razer Cortex)

Disappered Chest (Stuffs gone when i returned)

Potato "Plam" Tree (Plam Tree auto Planted in the plot)

Sticky Hand (No longer attack shark with a spear, but can fixed it in restart)

Auto Throw (Suddenly When Start Aiming, my hook or rod automaticly throw it selfs)

When i say restart, i mean you go out to the main menu then go back to the game, the bug should be fixed. Srsly, i tried and its work

New And Extremely Coolest Update U Ever Seen!

1: Day/Night Cycle

2: Commands For Cheats :)

3: New Drop: Leather, Cloth, Electronic Scrap, Crate Boxes,...

4: New Types Of: Seafoods, Vegetables,Trees, Vegetable Seeds,...

5: New Recipe For Crafting: Backpack, Harpoon Gun, Armors, Metal Plate,...

6: New And Changed GUI And HUD: Armor Slot, Crafting And Inventory GUI

6.5: Water,Food,Health Show Numbers,...I run out of ideas

7: New Stuffs: Fish Net, Bed, Reinforced Plate (for Wall,Floors,...), Funitures

7.5: NPCs For Tasks, Swords, Food Decoy, Boats, Islands, Mining Stuff,...

8: New Stuffs V2: Mutilplayer, Easter Eggs, More Weapons, Diving Stuffs,...

Movie Easter Egg like:

+Wilson The Volleyball (From "Cast Away")

+Sinked "Elizabeth Dane" Ship (From "The Fog")

+Chunk Noland ( From "Cast Away")

Video Game Easter Egg like:

+Rafty (From Jacksepticeye Stranded Deep Video)

+Life Pods (From Subnautica)

+Steve And Alex's Head And Tools (From Minecraft)

Well That It's!

Some More Update Idea Will Coming Soon

Thanks For Reading!

My hand just randomly changed and i cant attack the shark but when i re-load the game, its back normally