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I slipped up. Got stuck in the wall!! Nice game. My son loved it :D 

Built a cathead robot with broomstick legs... that's when I realized I had reached the pinnacle of gaming! 

Well done!

Made me laugh! It's amazing! :D

Well done!

Thank you David for playing and leaving a comment. Had a lot of fun and learned some important time management lessons ;) 

Well technically if you leave it on it never ends >.> Thanks for doing the sound for this game :D 

Yes OR alternatively RIGHT x1 LEFT x1 alternating. A few bugs and glitches foooor sure. Thanks for playing!

I loved the art from this! Very Paper Mario-esque ;) Well done. 

The sprites are very cool. I found the progress a bit slow at the beginningbut overall very cool!

Nice mechanics! Lots of potential here. Love the cozy hand drawn aesthetic. 

Was nice to see a pinball game! The bumpers reacted nicely which was great to see. I found the whole spelling out death to progress a little to direct in terms of trying to fit the the theme into the game. To me it didn't match up with the story. 
But these are nitpicky things and for 10 days you two did a great pinball game! Good job. 

This is a good idea and something I will look at in my future games. :D

Right on! Thanks for the feedback! It's nice to know I was on the right track as your suggestions on gameplay were some of my polish items that didn't make it into the submission. The fullscreen issue sounds like a bug though, so I'll have to keep it in mind for next time! Thanks again :D 

Thank you for playing and checking out the game. Yes, there were a few quality-of-life issues with those colliders, it seems. :)

Thank you! Yes there was some issues with those colliders :) 

Yes, there is a quality-of-life bug with the movement in pipes. 
Yes, you CAN choose a different fish. Each fish has a unique sprite in-game.
Thank you for the kind feedback on the mechanics. Glad you enjoyed the game :) 

Herbert and I are really glad you played! Thank you for your kind comments. 

Thanks for playing and for the review! :D The music was an important part for our designer so I'm glad you enjoyed the choice. 

That's strange to hear! This is the first I've heard of the bug. Could you let me know...
1) What fish you chose
2) If you see the skeleton fish on underground scene
3) What happens when you press down on the arrow keys (not wasd keys) 


Yes! That is exactly it. It was an attempt to catch the player by surprise and hopefully get a chuckle. Thanks for playing :)

Right on! Thanks so much for taking the time to play :) 

This is such a wonderful response. I am really happy you enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for your kind words. 

Right on! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, a simple restart button is a good idea. 

Thank you very much for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game :D We had a lot of fun with putting the different sounds in so I am glad it worked for you!

Thanks! I thought I got all of those. 

Thanks, Astrydax :)

Appreciate the feedback, Don!

Thanks! Yes, there was a bit of confusing collisions there. Thank you for playing :D

Very well done. I've always wondered how people create the card system. I'll have to look this up sometime.

Super enjoyed the voice over. Hilarious :) Well done. Unfortunatly the game lagged in my browser so I was having a tough time not accidently driving into things.

This is fantastic. Nice little story along with simple but enjoyable gameplay/mechanics.

Nice job!

AHA! Didn't realize there was another character. Nice job on the game :)

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I couldn't go down/up the stairs! I had to give up. I couldn't figure it out. But great job creating and finishing your game! What a wonderful feeling, eh?