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Very fun game! I really like the art and music, will have to say the mana amounts should be less restricting. I loved such an odd perspective for a pixel art game.

It shouldn't, but It may be because of the speed stuff I use for cutscenes, It shouldn't keep between scenes but I'll look into it

I agree with the music part completely, it does repeat and is terrible, I suck at music, and the stealth meter does refill, but it is slow; you usually won't notice it. And the wall part I also agree but I don't think I would be able to pull off any kind of raycasty stuff; I'm just not ready to do that stuff yet. The difficulty does increase greatly, and the last level is the most extreme, but by then the soundtrack changes to make it better. Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, a lot of the early levels are designed to be easier, you can still die on them though; as they are made for people who don't know how to play it. I do however know you can just rush from one side to the other for a lot of them, there really isn't much I could've done about it.

Thats good to hear, I was scared it was too easy.

that art tho omg

Pretty nice concept! I like the sounds

It's a nice game, but I feel it's a bit too hard

thanks, I don't know why I put 27

I love the art, mechanics, and the levels, It's really fun and i hope it does good :D

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Very nice concept and fun game, only thing i don't like is the difficulty. It's really hard to get hit and tends to get boring at times.

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its extremely buggy, im uploading a fix as soon as the voting ends