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Yuki is developing a helluva harem, isn't she?

an update:

I was able to force fix it by manually choosing how Ren'py renders the game

ok, a little additional digging, somebody on Reddit is suggesting it may be a bug between Ren'py and the processor my laptop uses specifically, which is AMD

so that is a possible answer to this issue

Text displays normally on both older versions, which are an unlisted version (I think first?) and V4. Looking at the script_version.txt, they list 7,3,5 in both of these versions, with 7,4,5 in the V7 files, so it seems like it is probably Windows 8 not being happy. 

that's a shame

running through it, it is all text, save for the "Flowering Nightshade" on the Title Screen

which, I assume isn't *text* specifically

Some information I can give, though I can't say with any certainty it would be related

My device runs Windows 8

And I do have two older versions of the game installed

 The error is as pictured, persistent through all menus, and even into the game itself