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running through it, it is all text, save for the "Flowering Nightshade" on the Title Screen

which, I assume isn't *text* specifically

Some information I can give, though I can't say with any certainty it would be related

My device runs Windows 8

And I do have two older versions of the game installed

Does the text display properly on the older versions of the game? If so, which versions are those? Also, which Ren'Py versions are listed in the game/script_version.txt files? If it's not a font issue, the best I can think of is that Windows 8 doesn't like changes Ren'Py has made to graphics handling between versions.

Text displays normally on both older versions, which are an unlisted version (I think first?) and V4. Looking at the script_version.txt, they list 7,3,5 in both of these versions, with 7,4,5 in the V7 files, so it seems like it is probably Windows 8 not being happy. 

that's a shame