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Carrying yourself around the box is great fun ^^

Some cheap deaths because of the restricted view, needs checkpoints maybe. I did enjoy myself though =)

I'm not entirely convinced all the levels are solvable o.O Or maybe I just suck. In any case I think it's a really interesting concept and a really interesting theme, well done exploring it =)

Great little game - very enjoyable, very Quake!

That being said I'm not a fan of the forced low resolution: some things just don't read very well, I found myself "scrubbing" the camera around the get a better idea of what I'm looking at. I think 8-Bit Killer and Gun Godz would be more "kosher" example of very low-resolution FPSs (or Wolfenstein).

Such a cute demake ^^" Props!

Noice =)

Initially I was avoiding the worms because:

A. Ew! Worms!


B. I don't want to hurt the worms!

Thanks to the hint I was able to get really far though ^^

I'd like to be able to undo an ingredient I just chose ^^ I tried ESC and reset the whole game by accident the first time, so maybe a warning of that too. I feel also that pointing to ingredients with the mouse rather than scrolling with the wheel would be more intuitive. Otherwise it's a very decent little mastermind game =)

Best one I've played yet ^^ Art is just astounding. I'd recommend putting some feedback on the "player is holding down Z, waiting for direction to be pressed" state. It took me an absurd amount of time to figure out how to flip gravity because I don't read text in games on principal :P

Great job! You really captured the feel of the original ^^

Good job :) One issue I had: the screen scrolls down when I press space, so I had to zoom out really far to keep the canvas in view. Weird :/

Re- your framerate cap issues: you can use love.timer.getDelta either to wait for frames or to modulate the size of each update (the latter is good policy IMHO, except for physics calculations which need to be deterministic).

Nice little game =) I think you need some sort of end-game debrief though so you can tell whether you just won or lost!