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You're probably busy with life and all, but there's a bug in both my game and the v5 download of your tutorial where the normal mapping on the walls doesn't continue once the camera is moved outside the initial view. I've been trying to mess around with values to fix it, but you would probably have a better understanding of why that is.

EDIT: I figured it out! 

In the obj_setup create event, under the Nbegin() function, instead of using matrix_set()... do

tilemap_x(layer_tilemap_get_id("Normal"),-global.vx); tilemap_y(layer_tilemap_get_id("Normal"),-global.vy); 

right below setting the surface target and then also remove the matrix_set() from Nend() as well. The problem is that it was drawing the surface at the top left of the screen at all times, and then keeping it there, regardless of camera movement. What the tilemap code does is actually keep the surface on the viewport at all times and just moves the tilemap itself to always stay in the same spot room-wise.

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For some reason, whenever I make an object dissolve away, the spots that should be empty are being replaced with whatever the 1st color is, making a flat color background instead of nothing. After setting the edge to 0, it turns out that the problem is that it isn't actually dissolving the sprite at all. The effect works properly in terms of the dissolve look, but it's only affecting the sprite's color without changing the alpha from 1 to 0. It works properly when dissolving objects back in, but not when dissolving them away.

I think this game is quite original, but suffers a bit in the actual writing with a few errors here or there. The battle system is easy to understand, but I found magic to be too underutilized, often making it easier to just spend a turn doing more damage with the normal attack. I would say although the gameplay is a bit frustrating, it has an exciting intro and presentation.

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That's awesome! I'll go buy it on steam soon and leave a review when I'm finished. I'm still on that same server if you want to find me and add me as a friend :P

I remember playing this game on a discord beta testing server, but after they made a huge change, the developer left as I was one of the only testers active on that server. It is so cool to see this game come so far and I would love to chat with Orgaction games to know what further changes were made since the last build I received. Keep up the amazing work!

This is incredibly helpful (even if I am late to the party). Thank you so much for your tutorials and I will definitely credit and notify you when my game is far enough along. I've learned so much from you so keep up the incredible tutorials and assets! :)

It was kind of hard to understand how to play at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was really enjoyable! Great Job!

Very cool idea! I like how you integrated the speedrun timer for extended playtime as well!

Needs a bit more polished controls, really easy to glitch, but overall, a beautiful and fun game that deserves an improved full development.

Interesting idea, but a bit hard to control and it took me a while to figure out how the game works and what i'm supposed to be doing. Solid game.

Kind of short compared to the other GameJam games, but otherwise it has an incredible idea and implementation with an easy control and learning process while still allowing the player to lose.

This game is incredibly inventive and has amazingly simple yet beautiful backgrounds. 5/5!

How was this made so quickly? This game is beautiful and extremely fun while still having just the right amount of difficulty for being a public game. 5/5 for sure!