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This insprired me to make a new PC remake. Thanks!!

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When I decided to finish it, I got it done in two weeks, so all it took was a little kick in the butt.   Glad to hear you like it, Mark! You've been an inspiration for a long time! Cheers!

Thanks Skid. Were you unable to unpack it ?

Hi all. I would like to mention that my game has been released.   The style is late 80's, early 90's arcade action, SNES style graphics.

The page is here:

Here are some screenshots, and please leave a comment if you like it!!! :)

Thank you

Your help was much appreciated!  Have fun with this version as well!!

All well here, no worries, we're doing allright. I hope you're doing well too.  I'll go take a peek at your Atari work. Yes, I am happy to keep working on my silly remakes. I may finish this one as well!

Thanks Xerra.

Yes, some things can be avoided by doing a bit of research beforehand. The Godot scene tree concept does introduce some unique challenges that I've never experienced before because I never used such a system to keep track of game objects. The issues seem to slowly creep up on you as the size of the game grows.

Choices made in the scene tree structure can really impact you. I'm getting better at it and I'm just going along with it. Sure, it takes a bit more time to make progress, but that's fine by me.

Is that you, Matthew? :)

On Linux, I prefer to use Peek. It's really simple and outputs in four formats, including GIF.