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Thanks! A lot of the little elements that make up the game can be found for free on my GitHub. Releasing things on the asset store is a hassle.

I already replied in the thread, but thanks again. 

Thanks for playtesting my game. A lot (but apparently not all based on other's comments) of the spectator camera woes you were having were fixed in a version of the game I uploaded about an hour after release. I'm taking notes of your feedback and the feedback I've gotten from others. Unfortunately some problems are just because of where the game is right now and the rush to get it playable outside of a dev environment.

You kept encountering a weird bug that I've never seen where the planes spawned and then all just flew off and never did their routes. They basically spawned without AI for some reason. It's completely game breaking and it's what you were experiencing for a big part of the video. I'll have to investigate that.

Based on the crashlog I'm guessing that your Intel HD Graphics 3000 either doesn't support DX11 or doesn't play nicely with your hardware. Unfortunately, there's really not much I can do to fix this right now, you (or anybody) will need a dedicated and modern GPU to play this.

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Here are the flight physics on GitHub

Thank you! Also I will never stop putting Touhou references into my projects.

The flying part is honestly simple enough that at some point I'll probably just upload it to GitHub. The missile guidance is already on GitHub

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Long as it's not something that goes on the Asset Store and you credit its usage, yeah it's fine.


His bloom is really good and I think better looking and more controllable than the post processing stack one. It's probably the best thing I've bought on the Asset Store. Main reason I've been trying to move to using the stock stuff is just to reduce dependencies on third parties. 

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It's the bloom that's in the Post Processing Stack. It has an official release now, you can download it on the Asset Store for free. It's by Unity themselves. It's great for a lot of stuff besides the bloom. Hopefully they include it in future Unity builds so you don't have to download it and more people know about it.

I'll actually be releasing a "Special Edition" this weekend with some polish, including a mouse sensitivity slider.

Giggle you?

I'm not sure what you mean either about it being difficult to control. All it does is apply -5 m/s downwards velocity and nothing else. When FCS disconnected, gear down shouldn't have any effect at all on the way the ship flies.

Strafing would make a lot sense.