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Funny and charming game. 

Battles aren't hard but choice of skills makes think about what to use. 

Some puzzles scared at first but they aren't annoying. 

The plot is simple but it's good for relaxed playthrough.

Voice acting and graphics gave a nice style for a funny game.

In general, I like it.

Also, looks like a project folder of "Dracula is Dead" was uploaded to this page as

Смішна візуальна новела. Добре підняла настрій.

Добре, що написано про кількість кінцівок у описі, бо завдяки цьому зрозуміло, що контенту більше, ніж здається.

I haven't played a lot of Tabletop games and haven't played anything like this before.

It was an interesting experience. It feels similar to generating writing prompts, but more relaxing despite rolling a virtual dice.

I liked it.

I'm glad you like it. Thank you for playing and leaving a comment.

Thank you for the response.

Maybe, the browser is really the case. After restarting the game and loading autosave the error wasn't there anymore (there was one another instance after, but it looks inconsistent).

The story is very nice. And feels rewarding.

Battles are mostly easy but that's fine (especially considering game being storybased).

I like this game.

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While the battle (after a few turns) this error occurred (WEB version): 

UnknownError [Exception... "Out of Memory" nsresult: "0x8007000e (NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY)" location: "JS frame :: :: Bitmap.prototype.getPixel :: line 1519" data: no]

After that gifs on page started flashing

Gameplay is interesting. I'm not good at this type of games so it`s hard for me to say how difficult it is.

It's hard to close the game. I'm not sure how I did it (I pressed Esc on story screen, but game stopped only after starting the game).

Somehow I didn't realized Spacebar is used for restart, but that's not that big of a deal.

Also it's hard to read text (story is on distracting background, and in-game text is too small to notice).

Funnily absurd concept and simple but good gameplay based on it.

Bug occurs if players interacts with the Cafe owner right after repairing the Pub. First message is shown but the choice after is not.

If player calls Edit mode menu or interacts with either with the Library owner or the Inn owner, the bug doesn't occur. Maybe, there are some other conditions which are similar and also prevent this bug.

:)  Рада, що сподобалося.

Today I've remembered about this game and played it.

I like it despite being confused at the beginning (I didn't know how what to do at the house). It's childish in a good way and I feel better after playing it.

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Cute story about magical warriors. Choices seemed to me not important, but then I realized I was wrong.

I like this game, but I have a question.

In character description Zacharie's pronouns are they/them, but in demo people use he/him. I don't understand, why, and it doesn't seem right. Last comment is not relevant anymore. Just finished playing new chapters (8-12) and I liked them as well.

What a fun game. That's a good reason to look through simple RPG Maker games.

Characters are likable. It's fun to talk with them.

Shop system is interesting. As gameplay element I prefer one shop for every item, but as instrument for showing a real shop experience this decision works better.

The battle is easy, but that's fine, because I prefer easy battles over hard.

The result of the choice is weird, but it fits game very well.

I had a lot of fun playing this game. :3

Easy cute visual novel. There aren't many events but I still like it.

Simple, but cute dress-up. :3

Interesting concept not only for story but also for gameplay.

I'm glad that jumping can be done by space, not only by k. It made controls more comfortable at least for me.

Some levels look like insanely hard at first but they are actually okay after realizing what to do.

It's an interesting adventure.

This bullet hell is somehow feels calm. :D It was interesting to calmly think "Hmm, where should I move to be safe?".

Score: 258. I would try to beat it if I was more patient. :D

There's only Game.exe file, which doesn't do anything by itself, so game doesn't start.