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thank you so much, we kinda made the menu in a rush since we ran out of time haha, we are updating this version with the new menus and the entirety of the Luny route and the route of Erika, it will probably be updated about this weekend.

thank you so much for the quick answer, that is great! we will be updating it tomorrow then ^^

I assume we cant update it since it would be unfair to people who delivered their whole experience in the jam time, but i would like to know if there is any way for us to release an update sooner than the end of the voting period without it counting on the "voting"

like, maybe a separate package that should be ignored by judges or even maybe making a new page for the updated version and posting it as a link on a devlog on the jam version and editing the jam version to say  "spooktober jam version" or something like that.

i ask because we had finished the assets and script for two entire routes of our game but were only able to implement half of the first route before the jam ended(we started very late, like, one week left for the jam to end) and now we have those two routes implemented and feel a bit wasteful to store it in our hard drives and wait for the end of the voting window.

thanks in advance for any help or clarification provided.

We are very happy that you liked, and we are sorry that this problem is happening, but dont be sad, there is no content there right now and the freeze happens when the game is supposed to show you the "end of demo" screen, we will be adding the rest of luny route and erika's route very soon, the other girls will come a bit later.

We have both routes plot and assets finished, but couldnt implement them in the game in time for the jam submission unfortunately

Oh, thanks for the tip, it should be going back to the menu since we unfortunately were not able to finish her route in time for the jam, i guess the function is not being called properly, we will fix it when we add the rest of her route and Erika's route as soon as we can edit it without going against the rules of the jam,

Thank you for playing and for the praise <3

ficamos muito feliz que gostou, a implementaçao das cutscenes finais e bugfixes esta vindo logo, provavelmente estara online ja para o AF 2023

muito obrigado por ter aparecido por la e jogado

before i buy, is it possible for me to make dithering patterns and then save them as brushes for use with this add-on? that would save me so much time...

Yes, it was really hard having to put a hold on development, but since funding didnt really hit the mark i needed to get a full time job, and things have been really hard since, finally i am in a position where i have the time to get back to working on the project

Thank you so much for the comment, i think i speak for the whole team when i say we are very happy that you liked our game!
Yes, it is a very close and personal experience since it was written by one of our artists and she has suffered a great deal with this kind of anxiety and overworking, she is getting better at dealing with it now, but i have seen how much this monster has hurt her before, this was a story we not only wanted to tell, but we needed to tell ^^

thank you so much, we put a lot of work into it, glad you liked ^^

I am so happy i found this jam and that it allows works in progress, our game is in development for the past 6 months and is to be launched in february, we also are finishing the final DEMO that will be on the steam page and on itch until it actually launches, will finish the demo ASAP to submit to this jam ^^

thank you so much ^^ this was the game we did for halloween in 2020, we just did a new one for this halloween if you want to take a look at it too, its far more polished haha, Sanie Dead is the name

This interactive comic/game may have a bit of a remaster soon too, so keep an eye out if its something that is interesting to you <3

So, for the sake of making it simple to mantain this post, i will be just pasting my devlogs from the game here separated in sections.

Devlog #01 - Whap Happun?

So, this is our first version of the game... It's late and it isn't even the full version, what happened?

Well that is simple, a poor time management/lack of time from our coder, our coder works at more companies than just our own, both to be able to pay the bills and to keep this studio going,  and it just so happened that he didn't have any free time in October until the last week before Halloween, which wasn't quite enough to be able to code and polish all of the game, the game also had WAY MORE to do than we first anticipated.

One of the things not anticipated by our coder was the sheer amount of animations, soooo many of them to code in, and they all take a ton of time to code and to test to make sure they go together well, we believe they are all smooth now, but there may still be some bugs from one animation clipping on another.

And then, we had the biggest problem of them all, we made the game in 4k resolution just because we could, its not really a heavy game, 150mb, a normal size, our Sonia game was heavier than that and wasn`t 4k and had much worse animations, but we learn a lot with every new game we make, Sonia will still have a big update at some point, but that is beside the point, the problem with making the game in 4k is that for some reason we have a high memory usage and a REALLY heavy main scene for the game, on a windows executable, that is no problem, you can run it with ease, just a bit more loading than planned, but on HTML5... We crash Open-GL when opening the game... That obviously is not good. 

So there is this problem that we couldn`t really predict, as I said, this game is LIGHTER than Sonia, and Sonia works well with HTML5, we are guessing that is the fault of the 4k resolution, since this is the only thing that is really different between them, so, our plan is to duplicate the project and downgrade the resolution to 1080p, but this bring its own problems since the animations uses the transform and scale properties to make things work, and those will all have to be changed to reflect the new resolution... One by one... In all of the dozens of animations... So i guess you can see how that could be a big problem for our busy coder haha, but it will be done in the next couple of weeks, and we hope this actually fixes the memory problem, we don`t know for sure, but its our best guess, we never encountered this problem before... Oh, android is also affected by it, so the play store version will also be delayed until we solve this. There were also some animations that were cut because of time constraints, they will be implemented on the next version as they are really simple and improve the experience by quite a bit, was just a time problem...

In the end, we have a game, and a quite good and beautiful one at that,  our artists and our coder worked their ass off to be able to make this experience for you guys, and we are really proud to say, we have done it, and its here for the world to see.

If you would like to support us, you can do here on, support our Patreon, visit us on Neonmob or just take a look at our first commercial game, When the Winter Comes, which has a demo right here on

Thank you guys so much for your support and for taking an interest in our development process, we live to bring you guys new unique experiences every day!

Devlog #02 - The wonders of reddit

So, to solve our problems that we didn't even understand of crashing open-gl and android with our game, we went to reddit, i posted my scene tree on the /godot subreddit and we got a ton of responses from the community, everything from "change the import settings to lossy at 0.7"(which helped but didn't solve the issue) to "maybe you are instancing the scenes wrong, you should set an owner to them"(which made no difference at all), so, how did we fix it? any sort of black magic needed?

Nah, it was really simple, as I said in the first devlog, the only problem was the 4k textures, you see, i learnt reading our responses on reddit, that Open-GL is not able to work with compressed textures and needs to decompress them all to run the game, i also learnt that browsers don't work too well with heavier than 2gb files... Our game when uncompressed had 2.7gb, its only when compressed that our size goes down to 150mb, so every time we were trying to play it in the browser, Open-GL was decompressing our textures to the RAM Memory of the computer, over 2gb of textures, making it crash, android was a similar problem, android also had to decompress our textures, but on android it crashed because my phone has only 4gb of ram, so we were actually flooding it until it had no space left and crashed.

The solution was simple, resize and compress our textures to make them more friendly with web and android, and that is what we did, we came to the conclusion that we don't need more than 720p on web/android, so that is the resolution we used, the problem that comes with it is adapting every animation since we had to change every position keyframe manually, this took an entire afternoon, but it could have taken longer if it wasn't for the fact that the size was exactly 3 times smaller, so we could just divide the position of each keyframe by 3.

In the end, everything is solved, web version is online, 4k windows .exe is working, an update with some bug fixes is already deployed and the android version is coming as soon as play store approves the file, we took a lesson from this, either we make 2(possibly 3)different versions with different resolutions if we are going to do 4k games, or we just don't do 4k games to begin with, and i think we will stick with the second option for now haha.

Thank you so much for your comment and video, you don't know how happy that makes everyone involved ^^

On that topic, loved your video, you have great commentary and a great voice! And it helped us quite a lot in noticing how people take the mechanics of the game in and how they interact with the environment, about the clock that you talked about, it was meant to have a clock and an "tired" meter, but we had to cut it from the first release because of time constraints, it will be present on version 1.0 when it launches ^^ also, we could notice some bugs that we didn't experience ourselves with the animations, will be keeping them in mind to fix in the next release too.

Yeah, the transitions are a bit rough, but the game was made on the spare time of the programmer and artists in one month, is a halloween tradition of ours haha, this years game is a lot more polished, we sure learned a lot with this one ;)

(pra ser sincero, teria que checar com as artistas pois elas escreveram a historia, mas eu creio que não pois não lembro de ouvir sobre nos brainstorms)

and you can play it on a CFW vita with adrenaline, runs really well
great game my man, really awesome that you coded all this for the PSP

thanks for making this, great way to spread awareness and let people experience a bit of the terror many people go through, its an amazing game and the game design for such a small experience was on point, beautiful low poly graphics and perfect pacing, the visual cue of the light on the car was just the cherry on top.

as someone with social anxiety myself, these minutes made me more uncomfortable than the entirety of outlast

We dont really have linux installed right now so we cant test a linux build, but it isnt impossible since godot can export to linux pretty easily, if there is a demand for a linux version we will install a VM to test a linux build of the game when it is ready, but i dont think we will be doing that for the demos...

oh, nevermind, just seen the video, yes, to change language just click the flag in the bottom, will add that to the description to avoid future inquiries about it ^^

I think he meant dub as in voices
we don't have dub in any language at the moment, but this may change in the future
I am glad you liked our comic/game