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before i buy, is it possible for me to make dithering patterns and then save them as brushes for use with this add-on? that would save me so much time...

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You could have a sheet with all your dithering brushes on it and create a brush set, the only thing is with this tool the sheet with the brushes has to still be open in a tab for it to be able to grab the next or last brush when quickly swaping :)

Currently it doesn't save any brushes it just pulls from the sheet and creates the brushes on the fly as you swap through them, this also means you can change them at any time and it will keep the brush set intact and let you swap through them still with the new changes :)

I would love to implement saving and loading of brush sets though so you dont have to create them each time you reopen the brush set file, though currently it only takes a few seconds to select them. 

Perhaps I could add on a feature were it would save all the brushes in to the default brush dropdown though?