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What is Luna

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hint: there's no way to finish the game by "just playing it" ;) ;)

also could you explain exactly what the problem was with the  player text? i might be able to fix it in an update

haha yes the animating trees are not at all cause i couldnt figure out how to set up LODs corectly XD

still tho tysm, glad you overall liked it :)

oh noo, you stopped before the dialogue could end!

 which would have given you a slightly better clue about what to do to beat the game!... XD

this was absolutely amazing!

the unsettleing visuals, the otherworldy creatures, the uncanny ambiance all build a fascinating world

OMG thank you so much, i didn't expect people making let's plays of this and you had just the reaction i was hoping for, i was so worried it would come across as incoherent ramblings.

as to your suggestion, i did  plan on makin something like that, but game jam deadlines got the best of me

overall so gald you liked it.

btw i'll definately be checking out your chanel, you got some cool ass gems in there!!

it feels so polished, love the ending too, good stuff

what plot twist? this is just a holesome regular ol' retro inspired game ;) *wink* *wink*

what a liimbo rippoff! ;)

love the idea, really clever design. but i feel like some mechanics have not been explored at all to the fullest ;)

plus the art looks awful 0/10 :P

took a while to get used to the controls, wish you could hold spacebar to glide or something, but after getting the hang of it was pretty enjoyable to play

plus that voice acting is so 10/10