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A full completion is 107%, you can refer to the walkthrough video posted on the game page. Right now I don't have a clear plan for this project since I've got a full-time job in the insdustry, but if the time has come, I would gladly turn this into a full length experience with combat system and better looking.

Thanks for playing : )

So sad... If you still want to experience it, I would recommend you press H to unlock all abilities so that you can double jump that ledge, and also it grants you dash by pressing Z.

Actually the music is taken from Octopath Traveler, if you are interested in JRPGs, give it a try! (fun fact: as a pixelated "2D" JRPG, it was made by UE4)

Sorry to hear that you are stuck - if you can JUMP and MOVE, theoretically, you can climb - press W and JUMP at the same time towards the yellow ledge, and then hold SPACEBAR to climb. I suppose you didn't hold it when you were trying to climb?

Anyway, thanks for reporting! I don't know much about AZERTY keyboard though, let's hope it has nothing to do with hardware XD

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That's pretty impressive! You've showed some ways that I didn't expect player to do but that's totally cool!

As you have figured it out, pressing R to reload/LShift to sprint are both debug functions that should have been disabled; you can also try pressing H to unlock all abilities at anytime (of course, it's a debug function as well - and it even gives you dash by pressing Z)

Anyway, thanks for your awesome speedrun!

I especially like how it shows you a new way when you are back to it, it feels seamless and unexpected. This game is weird in a meaningful way to suggest a spiritual world of a psycho which seems profound. And the last part of the game is pretty poetic. The shortcoming may be the first part in which you have to pick up same things many times without a proper progress indication, which is a little bit confusing for me.

Adorable graphics with funny gameplay (though a little bit repetitive). The effect of time transformation in the game is impressive and is a good transition for switching phase and relax. Also I like those easter eggs hidden in sound, music, environment and gameplay, referencing classic titles like Shadow of the Colossus and Metal Gear Solid.