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That seems reasonable!

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Hi!  thanks for the suggestion.  I'll have a look at it!

Edit:  This is done.  Anything over the "action panel" on the left doesn't click through to the map.  And I needed to update the current build anyway, so there's a new version today with some other changes as well.

Thank you!  Your comment makes me happy.  :)  I intend to bring the game to Steam, and the delay is just that this is a side project for me, but comments like this help motivate me to work on it!

Very helpful!  Thanks for following up.  Turns out it's a rounding error, and happens if you wrap around like that and have 3 claims on one resource.  This is a display bug only, and won't change how many resources you actually get.  In any case, it's fixed, so it'll be in the next published version (not sure when).  Thanks!

Thanks so much!  Your description is exactly what I was shooting for!

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Hmm...  Yeah, that's odd!  Why isn't that top one a full 2 swords?  I'll look into it. 

Edit:  I can't repro this at all.  Any idea what's causing it?  From what I can see, you ought to have 2 full harvest dots in the upper image and 4 in the lower.  Nobody's competing for those swords.

Thanks!  There are infinite puzzles!  I have some players who have collected all the collectable shape-faces and still play the game because every challenge is new.

Thank you!   The AI doesn't specifically target you or your space - they just wander learning about the world and then deciding the best place to put something.  When there are a lot of AI and not a lot of space, they're just also likely to find the good spots you want for yourself.  :)  You can try bigger maps in the Custom game type...

Weighting resource collection by how long you've stood there:  Very interesting!  I hadn't thought of that.  How would it weight buildings, which stand there the whole time?  That logic for collection probability is already fairly complicated, but I'm interested in thinking about this suggestion more.

I agree that combat is lacklustre!  I'm planning on reworking it (yet again!) but don't have a concrete plan yet.  Your ideas here are interesting, but I've been very careful to try to keep everything as streamlined as I can and avoid introducing special cases, so I'll be hesitant to make building rules more complicated.  I might prefer simplifications like always giving resources to buildings instead of heroes, or something like that.

Towns/cities attacking:  Cool idea - I'll think about this, too.

Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions!  This is definitely what I need.  If nothing else, then for motivation to keep making improvements.  :)

There are old posts about trying to save game progress in html5 games (e.g. ) but I haven't seen a real working solution from anybody. 

We can save to localstorage, but that data can be lost - I have players reporting that they're surprised their progress has suddenly gone away!

Is there any updated news about an storage API?

I'd be happy to use something like PlayFab or Firebase with a custom player ID, but I'd have to get a reliable player ID (e.g. an account ID name/number) for the signed in player.  I don't think this is currently possible .  Is it?


If you have the option checked, the game will autosave (and restore later) if you close the window or refresh the page or something.  If you exit a game, it thinks you're done playing that game and throws that one out.  I can see that being confusing.  Maybe naming that option "Quit Game" would be more clear. 

Thank you!

Wow... that's a lot of games played.  :)  I need to add more cards at some point and probably give fewer cards away after games.

A World of Keflings was indeed released on the Wii U, with Mii support, updated art, and additional content included.

We're looking at the possibility of releasing A World of Keflings on Steam.

Thank you so much!  Still working on it, making things better, but I don't have a new build to push up yet.

I almost never win Deity.  To the point where I got really frustrated and took it out of the current development build.  I'm trying to rework the difficulty a little.

I mean, I agree - it's pretty awesome when I do win a Deity game, but sometimes it feels like a Deity loss was completely out of my control, and that's just a drag.  :-/

When the bottom row goes over 2 and you click on the card, the extra spills over onto the next page (e.g. extra bottom-row dogs give more cat cards), but there must be something broken there.  I've finally got time to look into the reported bug...

And yeah, to get that many cards is a crazy number of games played!

Yep!  The AI cheats horribly at the higher levels.  I think at the King level, everything tries to be as fair as possible.  At the Warlord level, the AI is actually dumbed down.  At the Emperor and Deity level, the biggest form of cheating is that the AI has cheaper construction costs.

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Woops!  That overflowing should definitely not happen.   I will look into that.  Thanks for reporting it!

Also, dang, that must have been a lot of games if you have all the cards!

Edit:  This is fixed in the newest version.  Extra legendary horses wrap over to legendary dogs.

Ridiculously difficult!

Thanks!  Sound is on the to-do list, of course.  I'm working on the game nearly every day and updating on every few weeks.

This is all written in JavaScript using a custom engine.

Thank you very much!  I continue to work on it and play it myself.  Please feel free to share feedback at


Cool - I will fix all that!  Thanks for the notes!

Thanks.  I've uploaded a new version that I hope avoids that error.  I tested in Waterfox in Windows, but wasn't able to repro the original bug.  If you have a chance to confirm the fix, I'd appreciate it.  And maybe let me know what platform you're on?

Yeah, some of the terrain types are technically the same, from a gameplay point of view.  Just to review:

  • mountains, lakes, ocean :  impassable
  • hills : when you stand on one, you can see farther
  • forest, plains, desert : normal

They do produce different resources (e.g. "rare plants" vs. "nomads", but those differences are only visible in tooltips.  :)).  I may make those have some different impact at some point.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!

Hey, thank you for reporting that!  Was that on startup?  What browser were you in?