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Hello RoseTheFox,

thank you very much for writing such a great Review of the Game!

A lot of the Sound design is subject to change. We didn't want to leave sounds out in the early development process because it does give a lot of needed Feedback. 

For the next Update I will find some way to introduce the Player better to the Recipe Mechanics, how you have said it's a much-needed Feature to help the player fully understand what to do.

I have already completely redone the whole Research System and i am now able to add way more upgrades. I will take a look in getting some Upgrades that you can constantly upgrade. It is a good solution of having a Resource drain.

Oxygen is a resource that is already there for a missing feature that will be also implemented in the near Future. There will be another variable for the player, which are "Humans". The player has to give his Population different Jobs, with that you are able to micromanage even more. So if you need more output on the Miners, Furnaces or Factories you can choose so. The new Logistic System which will also be coming soon needs Humans to Transport Resources between Space Stations. 

I will take a look into the Production limit and see if it works as we intended it to do so.

The Effectiveness of the Factories depend on the Distance to the Emergency Station is going to change with the Logistic System. The Resources will not be transported automatically like they are now. The Cargo Drones will be a feature that the player could have in the End-Game. The Player will link different Buildings together and form a Space Station with those buildings, the resources are transported easily between the connected buildings.  So what you will be ending up with is a lot of different Space Station, where each one in producing something specific. After that you will bring the advanced component to the Main Station where you construct things like new Buildings and other things.

In the end, you talked about that the strength is that you don't need to be an electrician to be able to play the Game properly.

The game will get more complex than it is currently, but we also try to not make it as difficult as it is in different games in the Genre. I think when the Logistic Update will come out, you will get a better view of what I was trying to explain.

I wish you a great Week and a lot of fun with our Future Updates!

Hey TaurusSI,

Thank you very much for taking your time to give us some constructive Feedback! We are aware that there has to be done a lot more polishing and feature adding to make this Game better.

Now let me get to answer your Feedbacks:

1. I will put this on the to-do List, I can definitely understand why it is annoying. I will make it go away instantly by its self.

2. The Music is still a placeholder and will need to change as well. I will add a Mute Main Menu Sound to the Options Menu

3. That's right. The feature with the Recipes came in with the latest update and doesn't yet explain the player the feature correctly. I am still not sure how to do it better than explaining it with the missions. But I will think about it more when I get to the implementation.

4. I fixed this already. The Change will come with the next Update. 

6.1. I will be taking a look into that. We had something in mind when we implemented the feature, I am not sure if it bugged out or if the way we did it isn't the one he had in mind.

5. True! I will be implementing that.

6.2. Not completely sure what you are tying to tell me with that.

7. This is also something that I have to redo properly. The way it is handled right now is just giving a lot of weird bugs. So I have to think of a different way to code it. But thanks for pointing that out!

8. We are working on making the game more fun for the Player. Some of these things I am working on right now.

9. True, that feature is still needed to be implemented and will be also one of those features I mentioned in 8. The Player will find Emergency Capsules with Humans inside them. He can collect them and bring them to the Base. The Player then needs to give these Roles, so they can work at the different Buildings. (Humans will be another Resource which is needed to keep the Colony growing)

We would never take Constructive Feedback in a bad way. Thank you very much for the nice Presentation of your first Impression. I hope we can give you a way better experience in our Future Updates.

I wish you a great Week!

Hey Elmortti,

thank you very much for the kind words!

The Save/Load Feature currently in Development, so it will probably come out with the next Update!

I wish you a great Sunday and a lot of fun with the Game!

Hey, thank you for the kind Feedback!

We are working every day to get a step closer to the next Update.

I wish you a great weekend, a lot more fun with the Game!

But now you can download it right?

Hey Mr TbSite,

i am not sure if i understood you correctly.

Here is the link to the Game Page:
If you had something else in mind, then please correct me.

Hello dear Explorers,

Thank you all for the past few weeks. We received a lot of feedback, with many constructive ideas and suggestions for improvement. So far we have got 16,000 Views and 929 Downloads on!

So what have we done so far? 

We have completely revamped the game's inventory/item and crafting system, as well as fixed many bugs that were present in the first version. We have also made many adjustments and improvements to existing features. A lot of behind-the-scenes systems have been redone in preparation for new content.

  • Inventory/Item/Crafting System
  • Switchable Controls
  • New Quests
  • Minimap
  • Quest Arrow
  • Better Enemy AI
  • Mid-Game Quality of Life improvement 
  • Many more!

What will be included in the next update?

The plan for the next update is to start work on the early game logistics system. We currently have cargo drones that transport everything to where it needs to be automatically, but this is a system that will only be unlocked in a later stage of the game. We want to create a system that is flexible and restrictive enough to force the player to come up with interesting solutions. The goal is for the logistics to be one of the main challenges in the game. The System will be a lot more “puzzly” and a lot more fun than it is now.

How can you support the Project?

  • Play the new Update and give us your Feedback!
  • Write a Review on!
  • Follow us on and put the Game into your Collection!
  • Write a Comment on our Page for new Players to see!

If you intend to make a Donation, you can do so on The Money will go 100% into the development of the Game. You will also receive a Steam Key from us when we release the Game on Steam. (This is planned to be in a couple of Months)

Update Log

  • New modular Item and Recipe system
  • Added Controls Menu in Option Menu
  • The Mission Feature has been overhauled
  • Laser and Cargo Upgrade now actually cost resources
  • Minimap
  • Mission Location Arrow
  • Bug when UI elements overlapped is fixed
  • Bug with closing a Building UI over a Building in World space is now fixed
  • Increased the resource amount of Asteroids. They are still actually infinite though.
  • Increased size of the Building's minimum Distance to neighbors so that Buildings are not too close to each other
  • Fixed Bug, that showed the Tooltip through the UI of Buildings that were created
  • When a player is trying to Build, he can now cancel the Build Process by right-clicking
  • fixed Bug, where one could end in an endless loop of Building UIs when a building in world space is under the "X" Button of a UI
  • Completely overhauled the Enemy AI Behavior
  • fixed Bug, where after Enemies destroyed a Building they got Invisible and did nothing
  • fixed Bug, where Enemies had no target any more after destroying something
  • fixed Bug, where the player could not place Buildings close to Enemies
  • fixed Bug, where Buildings could be placed into each other or to close to another
  • Emergency Station now has 5000 Health
  • Aliens deal 5 Damage now
  • Laser Upgrade Costs are now correct
  • Bug fixed, Ship Repair technology cost 20 but only took 10 metal
  • added two new Quests 1. Research Cargo Upgrade and 2. Research Laser Upgrade
  • fixed, “Click on Furnace Quest” shows the right Text
  • fixed Bug, where Dropoff Cargo button could not be pressed if over Emergency Station
  • added a Hydrogen Fuel Tank as a collectable into the Game
  • added metal and hydrogen to the UI
  • added two new Quests 1. Get Metal from Space Debris and 2. Collect a Fuel Tank to get Hydrogen
  • added new enemy to spawner
  • added a lot more Space Debris and Hydrogen Fuel Tanks
  • Manufacturing Building Menu working
  • Clicking on a manufacturing building now opens up the manufacturing BuildingMenu for that building
  • The enemies now do Damage to the Player
  • Hydrogen Fuel Tank has a Tooltip now
  • added House icon to Minimap Emergency Station
  • metal, ore and ice don't despawn after 35 seconds any more they despawn after 80
  • Click on Emergency Station Quest now has a Quest Arrow
  • Place more Miner Quest
  • enemy spawn points are now more spread out
  • Saving and Loading Bindings works in the game now
  • added Laser Material for Alien Laser
  • Alien laser now renders under Alien ship and Player ship
  • Completely redone the Sound System to be better for Performance and be more modular
  • added new Sound for Quest Completion
  • added two new Collision Sounds
  • Fixed Bug, where Alien was bugged when having a Mining Station as a Target
  • Turret Charge and Explosion have now a 3D Sound System
  • Metal Gather Quest Description is now the same as the amount
  • Ship Repair Button now has the right Sound implemented
  • The player can now do Critical Damage to Asteroids and Space Debris to farm even faster
  •  Floating Text now changed color and size depending on the Crit amount
  • Added Warning Icon
  • Warning Icon is now visible on the Minimap when the Building is being Attacked by Enemies
  • added a Laser hit Light
  • Added new Sounds: Cargo Dropoff, Ship Repair, CritOnAsteroid and Stone impacts
  • added Screenshake to the Turret Explosions
  • Building Buttons now cost the Item: Building
  • Fixed the Building cost Tooltip to match the new System
  • Added Open Inventory Key to the Controls
  • Removed Items from UI
  • Changed Health UI from Numbers to Health bar
  • added new icons for resources and components
  • fixed aspect ratios on some of the UI
  • Added a variety of Containers which are collectable
  • Added lots of new Quests
  • Added building recipes to the factory
  • Added Inventory to the Emergency Station
  • Recipes are Updated with new Icons and all Icons are now at the right Place
  • Added Button for Opening Emergency Station "E"
  • Limit item production
  • emergency station does not build anymore
  • Cargo Drone and Player Capacity increased
  • Improved Manufacturing Building Menu Style
  • Changed Recipe Cost of Furnace, Factory, and Beacon to be Iron Ingot and not Iron Plate
  • Changed the Amount of Hydrogen Fuel Tank from 20 -> 30
  • Faster Smelting of Ice and Ore
  • The ship repair Button works now
  • Research Cost for Factory is now 100/100 instead of 200/200

Hey Vesperknight,

sadly that feature will not come in this Update, but it will come in the Next one!

Hey Glidercat!

Thank you so much for the kind words!
We have seen your video and are really happy about it!

Currently, we are working every Hour of Free time we have on the Game. In the next Days we will make a Big Update:

We have fixed a lot of Bugs and missing polish. As well as redone the whole Item/Inventory/Craft System.
We also have restructured and rewritten a lot of Systems like the Audio, Quest system to be better to work with.

After this update, we will be working on the Logistic System. We already have nice ideas and I think you will like them.

You are always welcome to have a chat (Voice or Chat) with us on our Discord:

Hey, thank you for trying out the game! Good to know that the dev version with huge initial resources has snuck into the linux build ;)

Saving and loading is very high on our priority list and will be implemented before new gameplay features.

Subtitles will surely be in the game at some point, but they are not very high on the priority list. The player should be able to understand what to do from just the mission text in the top right ideally.

We are working on fixing the worst offending bugs and balancing issues at the moment and will release an update soon which will hopefully make the current experience smoother.

We are very happy that you liked our Game!

We wish you a lot more fun in the Future. 

Have a great Week!

Thank you for your interest in the game. The missing repair button is known and will be fixed in the next update. The Alien AI is still temporary, so we accept it the way it is for now.

Thank you! We are getting a lot of positive feedback at the moment. It really feels great and absolutely boosts our motivation!

This is exactly what we released the game early for. We didn't even think about people playing without a scroll wheel. Because of your and other peoples feedback, we decided to increase the priority of accessibility features for the next update.

Thank you and I look forward to reading what you think of future updates.

The item/cargo system overhaul is the main thing we are working on at the moment for the next version. There will be an inventory system similar to what gamers are used to.

Strafing is probably a good idea, we will try it out. If its cool, it will be in the next release.

Thanks for the feedback!

(1 edit)

Thank you for the feedback!

Is the keyboard issue because WASD is different on your native layout? Accessibility is not a priority for us quite yet, but will definitely be there for the Steam early access release later this year.

We experimented with different movement speeds and decided the one in this release felt nice and chunky. You will be able to upgrade all aspects of the ships movement in the future, but there will be more automation the further you go up the tech tree. The ship and its location will become less central to the gameplay once you unlock more advanced technologies.

Save/Load is a must of course and will come.

Man, this means the world to us! Your donation is the first money we have ever earned with our game. You are going on a list, and we will make sure to provide you with keys for our future release on steam! Thank you so much!

Hey reddyy, 

yeah SPAZ is a game we took some inspiration from, aswell as aspects of the Factory genre and the RTS genre will come aswell into play. 

Hello Max,

wow! Thank you so much for the Feedback. This actually gave me so much joy! After waking up 5 Minutes ago I can start this day with a boost in motivation! Thank you for that. 

The movement will definitely be better in the future with more ship upgrades.

Aswell as new upgrades like a turret on the spaceship which can we controlled by the player.

Automatic item collecter with tractor beams and many more.

Making the movement snappier ist actually a really great idea to improve the gameplay for the player and I think it will not kill the immersion because the player upgraded this feature himself und thats why its understandable.

I wish you a great week and hope you will enjoy the future updates!

Deep in the Void is a 2D Space Strategy-Factory-Survival Game

Alpha Trailer

Today is the day that we at Whackland Studios have been aiming for a while.

We wanted to create a unique gaming experience that has never been there before. Obviously, there are games that have some similar features, like Deep in the Void. But all the features together will create something that will not be so easily forgotten.

We happily invite you all of the Community to play Deep in the Void and make yourself a better picture of what the game has got to offer.

Also, we can't wait to read about your experiences and Feedback on things that need to be changed to give an even better gaming experience!

In the Video you can see pretty much everything when it comes to the features and please dont miss out on the last part of the Video! The Combat. We took some love into creating it.

Gamers and Gamedevs, we wish you all a great Week and have fun with Deep in the Void!