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Man i really love the twists in levels, really stomped me trying to firgure out levels. really well designed levels, i’m sorry i got stuck on level 4 unfortunatly xD my brain fried. but really loved it man the simplistic pixelart aswell love it. well done man!

really good looking pixel art. not to be rude to something but the controls feel less responsive or Precise. for example when i tap right key the player moves a big space there which lead to making precise platforming a bit harder, but it’s not bad. I had a bit frustrated in the first 2 levels and i was stuck in level 3, i could see the pole but couldn’t find a “safe” way to get to it.

But overall it’s a good enjoyable game. Well done

Really great mechanic, could be turned to a pure puzzle game with more levels instead of a big level. but really great game.

i really appreciate that you liked it. as you said due shortage of time it made it hard to do more levels and do some precise debugging which to lead to bugs, not game breaking bugs but still. anyways thanks for your feedback <3

nice to hear you liked it, thanks!

Glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback!

Really greate movement feel, kinda remids me of Celeste/Hollow Knight. in Addition to same level changing. Really well done!

Really great idea, well done

yeah, I had some difficulties with projectiles. But Thanks man, Really appreciated!

Really enjoyable game, I had problems at first figuring how to play and why i cant attack and stuff but it’s because i didn’t read the Help, but then it became more than just moving and attacking rather trying to predict your opponent. lovely art too, Well done!

glad you loved it, Ye you’re right when it comes to music i always have problems and cant do it xD. but thanks for the feedback!

Im really happy that you liked it <3, really appreciated man. Thank you for the motivation!

Glad you enjoyed it, really appreciate it :). it’s really fun making games for jams.

Hats off to you man, Wall done.

Pretty cool puzzles, nicely done!

Glad you enjoyed it, Thanks!

Thanks really appreciated!

Very nice puzzle mechanic, kinda reminds me of Baba is You. Well done!

Absolutely Great enjoyable game, from awesome graphics to sound effects, music and even voice acting. to see that this game was made by Love2d. Really Great work guys!

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even though it was an unfinished game ,i really appreciate that. Thanks man!

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Finally someone noticed x'DDDD.

Done too!! Had fun during the Jam Well done !!

was hilarious haha, also enjoyable, nice work!

haha nice i somehow managed to complete it, you can make the player's color change for more clarity and make color changing by one button like "1" "2" "3", but it was Great one Really!

too bad i couldn't completely experience it, but otherwise it had a nice feeling playing it!

Neat game mechanic! Well done!

sounds like the begining of a time killer game haha. Nice

Pretty enjoyable!

squares and circles, solution to anything x'D. Ty btw

That was Enjoyable!! , for some reason the Notes move too slow, while when i watched Sheepolution's steam they were moving faster. Nice Game btw!!

very good looking one, you can even expand it in the future to continue the magic stuff and maybe add more things too. Nicely done!

the usage of lighting makes it evne better to play! Well done

Was a pretty fun game though, graphics was attractive too! Nicely done!

it's Fixed now btw, Thanks for the Feedback!

it's Fixed now btw, Thanks!

oh, that's true, i really missed on adapting controls to QWERTY  keyboards, thanks though.

the controls are actually ZQSD, i really missed on adapting controls to QWERTY  keyboards.

pretty cool levels, adding the graphics too well done though