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Would love you to include Darkest Days of Dungeon Duck.

Missed this. Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much Jupiter!

Thanks so much for this great comment. I'll definitely take your advice on the hitbox when I get a moment to jump back into it. 

Also, I agree with gif thing. That'll help the games visibility for sure!

Thanks again.

Great little platformer! I like that there's often more than one way through a level.

Interesting concept. Tricky but fun!

Good fun. The music is especially good!

Thanks for the feedback! 

I'll definitely check out your game. 

Oh yay! Thanks for replaying. I definitely feel like it feels better.

The jump is still the same, but thanks anyway :)

I've updated the game after all the feedback. Would love it if you could try it again.

I've updated the game with your feedback in mind. Please redownload it and try again, I'd love to hear what you think

Thanks for the feedback. I've been getting this a lot, and I've updated the hitboxes to be more forgiving. I think the game is much better for it. I'd love for you to redownload it and give it another go.

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

I agree with you about the difficulty, I got used to it, but when I've watched my friends play it it seems very unforgiving.

Might have a tweak down the line sometime and maybe add a few more traps too!

Thanks again.

Of all the games of yours I've played, this one stands out as a personal, thoughtful, and most definitely relatable addition. Super tricky in parts too, but I never felt like giving up as your story get me going forward. Nice work!

Thanks Jupiter! Appreciate the feedback  and the vid!

Thanks! I will be tweaking things when I get a chance, so I'll definitely keep your comments in mind.

Thanks Veralos! I'll be working on the vertical momentum thing, seems to be a common issue with people, including myself!

Love the art, and brilliant concept. Great fun!

One of my favourites so far, great concept and nice presentation.

Love the game feel! You should turn this into a bigger game, I'd play it.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it.  The  'between two blocks' thing bothers me too, didn't get time to fix it but will do an update when I get the chance.

Aww, thanks!

Thanks Alex!