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I need the four digit tag to add you. I'm Werxzy #4708

Thanks, the katamari game was originally a bit messy before I made it pull the pieces toward the center (link). I have an idea for a metroidvania fps game. I can just use really simple 3d models and textures. Is there a better way you want to communicate, like with skype or discord? We don't necessarily need to do a voice chat.

The game in the image is just the base of a metroidvania fps game in a scene where I was testing the movement and shaders. What I'm planning for it would take a lot longer than the few days we have for the jam. I'm not too great with 3d models, but I could still try to make a 3d/fps game with simple models if that's what you're more interested in.

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Would you like to work together? I really like your music. I have a small list of my more complete games here if you want to look. I also have already been working on a game that uses a shader that, if I adjust it, would work for this game jam if we would want to use it (link). I am a programmer and somewhat an artist. I mostly work in Unity 5 now.