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Crown Rivals is a 2-player competitive deckbuilding game of palace intrigue. As rivals for the Crown, players work to raise their influence while lowering the influence of their opponent, to place their chosen monarch on the throne.

Get the rules here.

Build a new deck with each game; buy better cards as you go to coordinate huge combos. 

Enlist Clubs lower your opponent's Influence. 

Use Hearts will raise your own Influence.

Play Spades to stir up the masses and cause distractions for your opponent to deal with.

Equip Diamonds to upgrade your other cards.

Don't forget to buy high-value cards, so you can eventually get your hands on the game-changing King or Queen cards!


This game came to me when I asked myself, "Could I make a deckbuilding game like Star Realms, with regular playing cards?"

If you like this game, you'll probably love Star Realms... I know I do!

Get the rules here.

Thanks for playing, Dustin! The walking SFX issue is a known bug, I just forgot to add it to the "Known Issues" list. It's there now, thanks! <high five>

Ack! The music was disabled! It's fixed now, thanks for pointing that out...! Wonderful music generously donated by the very talented Whitaker Trebella.

Cool thanks for the feedback! There already are bonus tiles though... the park bench already works as you describe the birdfeeder (giving a bonus to adjacent garden tiles). The BBQ doesn't *replace* a deck tile — that would suck to draw a BBQ before you had a deck already — but it does count as a deck tile, and gives a bonus to your entire deck.

From our first few playtests, it became clear that more interaction between players would be ideal, but I couldn't figure out how to make that happen...

Thanks for trying it out, and for the comment! Made my day. :)

Hey, thanks for giving it a try, guys! Sorry you didn't enjoy it more...! :P It was a jam game, so it was made pretty quickly. If you had any suggestions on how to make it better, I'd be happy to hear them. :)

Kenney has *tons* of free game assets, both 2d and 3d... check it out:

I posted a PDF I made covering the Blender hotkeys I used in my talk on Thursday night:

(PDF is at the bottom of the page)

Thanks for the video! Glad you liked it. Good idea about GameJolt, here it is!

Haha this feels very "real" to me, too! I like how her bouncing gets more and more crazy as time goes by, and you start to just throw the clothes at her, hoping they'll somehow stick. :P

Congratulations on releasing your first game! My son is 8 and is also working on a game with me. I hope you keep making more games!

(PS High score: 54, woooooo!)