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I totally agree with you, I'd love to add more of an ambient calmness that fit in with the game.

Also that scoring was definitely not done at the last minute...totally not :D

Thank you for the kind comment!

Yup, everything except the UI is in glorious 3d! If you're interested I can do up a blog post on my camera setup for it.

You asked for it you got it! Now featuring barrelrolls!

Thank you! It was made in unity, I added some simple vertex lighting to this shader which got me most of the way to the psx look. Then I scaled down any texture I used to about 32x32, no mip maps and point filtering in the texture settings. I also used rotorz tile system to make the level. It's an awesome tool! Models were hackily made in blender.

Cool game! Love the style, would be neat if you could mix the elements in different ratios to get different effects