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Interesting game. I got stuck on the very first puzzle and couldn't escape the room. Humor was great.

Thanks for playing. Yes, there was a planned second way to escape but I had a bug where you couldn't pick up the anchor, which was needed to escape via the roof.

Thank you for the comments. Yeah, I did not do any optimization so hopefully the lag was not too bad. I did design quite a bit of back and forth for this version, but that was partly to expand the play time and I also was intending to play off the tropes of adventure games of picking up ridiculous items (such as the anchor or the ladder) and carrying it around "in case" you need it. I appreciate the encouragement. I am thinking of ways to expand the story and see if I can make this into a full-fledged game with a deeper narrative. 

Thank you for trying my game and I appreciate the comments. I saw a couple of the bugs you found (there was supposed to be a line about the wizard's order not imbibing if you tried to grab the ale before seeing the guard), but I will check out the other ones and add them to my bug report. I didn't even try jumping; glad you had fun with that one! That must be a default setting in Adventure Creator I did not know about. I might have to give that a go myself!

Thank you for trying it. Yeah, the castle was part of a demo scene as part of the Village Interiors asset and the library was actually the armory in the demo. I took out all the armory items (weapons and such), removed a door, and added in bookcases. Once voting ends, I plan on fixing that other bug along with some other little ones I've noticed.

Now that voting has ended, I went back in and fixed that "ice skating" bug so it hopefully should work should you want to try again.

I did not see this post before making a change. Hopefully it is okay, but I fixed a game breaking bug where once you left an area, you could not return to get the item you needed to finish the game. Since the game page wasn't locked, like in other jams, I thought it would be okay to fix that kind of thing.

Interesting game. Have no clue what the story was, but very interesting. A few of the puzzles had me doing the old standard of trying everything together until something worked and next piece unlocked.

Very interesting story. I didn't understand very much of it, but loved the art work and the style.

Interesting game idea. I could see how you were learning from whomever you were chasing. Unfortunately, I did not have the dexterity to get past the initial set of cannons (and really fought to get to that point). Great job!

Thank you for trying my game. Unfortunately that bug occurred near the end of the jam and I tried a few different tricks and thought I had it fixed, but did not have the time to brute-force a more permanent solution. After the competition ended, I put some more effort in and should have a fix so as soon as voting ends, I can update the game.

Hi, I tried contacting the Backtrace account on your Discord server as I was wondering if there was someone on there I could send my info to directly. Is there another account I can use to submit my name and email address? For obvious reasons, I am reluctant to post that info publicly on here. Thank you!

Thank you. I went to look and it wasn't in my personal bundle link to download, but I will try again in a few days. Loving the variety in this bundle.

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If I bought the February 2021 bundle earlier this week, will I get this asset that has just been added to it?

Interesting game. I wasn't able to play much of it as I am horrible with keyboard controls, but definitely fit the theme of "mildly infuriating" for that reason! Good job!

That was a fun game but hurts my brain! I cannot get those controls, but definitely fits the theme of the jam! Great job!

Thank you for trying my game. Were you "mildly infuriated" with the obstacles? That was my intention to meet the theme of this jam. I wanted to present an "unwinnable game" with the hopes for an irritating experience.

Really great game! I'm getting strong Kirby vibes with the sprites. I feel like I'm a kid with my old grey Game Boy again. Great job!

Interesting concept. I was awful at the game, but fun to try to see if I could figure it out. One suggestion I would have is to make the maze walls just a bit bigger. At one point, I jumped over the wall and somehow ended up on top of them before rolling off; not sure if that was fully what you intended. By the way, love your logo!

Thank you for trying my game and the comment. I had the ball moving a bit faster cause I didn't really get a chance to fully debug the ball getting stuck after bouncing in a weird way and slowing down. I'll test out what happens with a slower ball when I increase the speed of the paddle too.

Ahh, that would be why. I am unfamiliar with that game, but was trying to use my music background to help and just wasn't sure I was doing it correctly. I ended up getting the gold coins though, once I realized I had to walk over them.

Thank you. Yeah, it is the little stuff that will get ya! Of course, that is why games go through such an extended playtesting and QA process.

Fun game. Very challenging. I didn't quite understand the control scheme so took a few tries to get a feel for how everything worked. (Not sure what the circle was for the mouse as that didn't really seem to be my aim point.)

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

No worries. I got the rules after a few tries. This is definitely a mechanic that would require people playtest your game, but that is a luxury most game jams just don't provide. 

Thank you for trying my game. The art came from an asset pack on the Unity Asset Store as I am not an artist in any way; part of what inspired this game was seeing the pipe and mushroom shapes in that package. I appreciate the feedback on the paddle speed. I think that is an issue and I will update that when I am able to upload my new build with fixes for various bugs.

Cool concept. I had trouble getting the boxes to freeze properly as it took me awhile to realize I could freeze them in the air. Love the "build your own level" feel to it. Great job!

No, the high score isn't connected to anything. I just know that the leaderboard is a key part of any good arcade game and thought it would encourage folks to try to top their previous score, but it only works in one sitting. I appreciate the comment about the sound effects. I started to put those in and could not get my brain to function at 5 in the morning to figure out what I was doing wrong. Since I primarily code with no sound in my games, I tend to leave that to the last minute so I am consistently making silent games. (Wonder if that might be its own genre; I'll have to look into that cause I definitely lean that style.) Thank you for trying my game.

Wow, a lot of stuff in this submission; was not expecting that! I had to look up the original game as I had never heard of it, but this was fun and a clever spin on that game. I needed more help from my AI partner, but that probably says more about me as a player than anything. Great job!

I appreciate you trying the game. At the moment, the enemies exist to give bonus points and to help with the "Mario"-ness of the feel. (Obviously I couldn't use Goombas so I tried to find something that would be a close enough approximation to get the feeling across.) I was debating about having the enemies block your paddle but with my design having the enemies all come from the pipe, that idea seemed like it would cut off half the screen. I specifically made the decision to trade the enemies on both sides for the pyramid shapes from Level 1-1, which impacted the enemies' functionality.

Great job! I realized I'm just as bad at Tapper in 3D as I am in 2D. Perfect recreation with a twist!

Thank you for trying it. I probably should have added that to the instructions list; my apologies. At the moment, only the ball collides with either the enemies or power-ups. I wasn't entirely sure on the design for that so I kept it focused on the ball rather than the paddle. Hopefully that didn't interfere with your enjoyment.

Loved the artwork! Not sure I fully understood the instructions but fun to try. My only suggestion would be to make the indication of whether I'm doing it correctly or not a little more clear. I saw my heart adjusting but what I did correctly, I couldn't tell you.

Thank you for trying my game! Yeah, I thought I had quashed that high score bug but it came back with a vengeance when I added more bricks to account for the different aspect ratio on this website. I have fixed it so just waiting until I'm allowed to re-upload to put it on here.

That's an interesting take on the theme. Very clever.

Thank you for at least giving it a shot.  I'm sorry it wasn't working for you.

Thank you for trying to play the game and letting me know about your issue.  Not sure what is going on but I will look into it.

Interesting game. I found the controls very difficult, partly as I am not a WASD player, but when I turned my character, I thought it could straighten me out. However, that might have been a design choice (or one you could lean into given the space theme and making the character extra "floaty" because of it). I liked the puzzle idea though.

Very clever concept! I could easily see this as a casual mobile game to play when you have a few random minutes during the day.