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Interesting concept. The letters truly were creepy. Not sure if there wasn't sound or if something wrong on my end, but I had nothing. Also, as a helpful tip, the cursor needs to be unlocked after the game so we can select the UI buttons to restart; that is why we couldn't click on anything as the cursor was still controlled by the first-person character.

Thank you!

Thank you for trying the game!

Fun relaxing experience. My only issue was that I couldn't always tell which was the newly spawned tree to then click on. Not sure if you had an indicator but one would be helpful as I tended to get just a big forest going and then had to randomly click. Definitely took the idea of every tree needs a friend from Bob Ross to heart! Great job!

Thank you for the suggestion! Something in the "real" world too would be cool too. My initial thought was to have the ability to swap between worlds when you didn't have a package, but make the real world navigation slower. However, if it was more difficult to cross the street or something and forcing the player to almost obey traffic rules (that they could ignore in the Underworld), that might work too.

Took a bit to figure out as it appears the right movement says the B key and not the D key in the instructions. The jumping took some getting used to, but the character style looked cool how you did it.

Interesting little experience. The rotating world took me a second to figure out what it meant, but very cool effect. Good luck expanding it!


Thanks for trying it! Yeah, they do sort of follow you, but I purposely made them really slow and easy to avoid, but I'm starting to re-think that decision as I move forward expanding this game. I didn't necessarily want this to be a zombie shooter - hence why the player doesn't even have a weapon - but a little more danger could be helpful.

Interesting concept. Loved the artwork!

Interesting game. I didn't fully understand what I was supposed to do; playing around with the tentacles I ended up mostly just spinning really fast. I like how you interpreted the theme and tried to tie in the novella.

Great game! Just passed the first level after about 5 tries and ended up getting stuck later on. Great re-imagining of the "bubble popping" genre and love the Captain Nemo story inclusion. If you make this into a longer game, my only suggestion would be to ramp up the difficulty curve a bit; make the first few levels really easy so the player learns the mechanics and then add difficulty. But yeah, great job!

Thank you for the kind words! Yeah, I'm planning to see if I can extend it into a full game. It will really help if I can add some of the paid AI sensor tools I own for the zombies cause they do chase you, but hard to see that happening unless you get really close to them.


Not sure if it was my system or not, but I couldn't get into the forest. Not sure if I was supposed to click on something but all I saw was a fairly white screen with scattered trees (not sure if that was intentional or a bug on my end). The story idea sounded amazing and the artwork you generated is gorgeous! Voice acting was spot on too. Great job!

Thanks for trying it! No, the enemies only head towards you if you are close enough to them, but that could be an interesting tweak. Would probably work with something I think I coded in but then didn't really use; you should be able to break their line of sight and they will stop chasing you.

And once again, I realize I was never any good at Flappy Bird! Didn't get to see the ending, but the game played really well! Loved the music and the sound effects!

Ahh, so tough! While I may suck at this kind of game, it works really well and the story fit the theme. Great job!

Thank you for trying it!

Will definitely do so. Was a busy weekend and surprised I even finished the game so waiting for a slowdown this evening to play other submissions.

Thank you for trying it! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for the kind words! Had the idea late in the jam period, after bouncing a few different things off of Bing Chat based on some of the free assets I could find. Was just glad to finish in time with hopefully few bugs.

Thanks! They sort of do chase you, but I made them really slow so they were easy to avoid. Because it is 1st person, you don't really see them behind you. The idea is that they present some obstacle, but your main challenge is the clock.

For once, I figured out the movement mechanic pretty quickly. Still couldn't control the ship fast enough. That heartbeat sound effect came out of nowhere! The game itself was probably too hard, but the concept was interesting.

Fun game. Trying to time my jumps was interesting cause the jump mechanic seemed different from other games, which I liked. Great job!

Took me a bit to figure out how the system worked, but interesting concept. I could definitely see how this game encourages re-running it and working on speedrunning paths.

Loved the use of gravity! Really messed with my brain. The story was awesome too. Great job!

I liked this concept. It was difficult to play, but that is part of the reward of this style of game. Really liked the graphics and sound effects!

Thanks for the comments. Regarding the barrier, that is actually a function of how I had the jet pack working. I didn't want the player to be able to get items that were meant to be collected under the reverse gravity. It was meant to simulate that the jet pack's thrust could only lift so high. 

As for the sameness, that was actually intentional in order to try and meet the "multiple runs" theme. Having to try and remember which door was which could force the player into re-entering an area. However, if I do expand this game idea, that is definitely a change I want to make so I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for trying to play it. Without Excel on your computer, I do not think it is playable. I did try using the online version found at the website but it does not appear that site can run macros (a safe and reasonable security setting).

Definitely an old-school feel for this one! I never could play the old school games. The physics of movement seemed solid, even if my brain couldn't figure it out fast enough. The teleporter probably could have been a little more forgiving; it almost seemed I needed to be stopped over the planet. My other suggestion would be to allow me to keep the controls listed as I'm playing rather than disappearing. Loved that feature but needed it in game and not just on the main menu. Great job!

Interesting concept. Not sure I really know what I'm doing so tried adjusting some settings and think it worked? Hard to accurately rate this compared to other submissions, but in terms of potential usefulness, this is definitely the winner. Good luck to meeting your goals as you keep working on this one!

Great job! I got stuck a couple times trying to get in-between rows and wasn't entirely certain how to escape (given I never played the original BomberMan game). The graphics were clear and understandable the controls made sense.

Interesting game. Took me a bit to figure out I had to submit a guess before I got a hint about how close I was. I struggled with this game given I suffer from partial color-blindness (and there isn't really a way to account for that given the point of the game) so I definitely appreciated the hints of which way to go. I can honestly say I got one correct! Don't give up! While I may not be your target audience, if I can get my wife to try this, I may just yet get some payback for when she makes fun of my sense of color "matching" that is basically non-existent!

Took me a bit to figure out the jumping mechanism. The simple graphic style was a nice throwback to the original computer games. 

Loved the concept. I kept losing so not sure if the puzzle is too difficult or I'm just understanding what I'm seeing. I also experienced the freezing issue. Loved the explanation at the beginning of the game too!

I appreciate you trying. Yeah, I definitely make no guarantees for Excel versions over 20 years old, hehe.

Thank you for your suggestion on fixing the macros. I knew it could be an issue given security settings, but was hoping most people could try it.

Really appreciate the feedback. I agree the combat could have been quicker. My goal was to give the game time to "pause" and redraw the screen but depending on how quickly your computer processes the code, it might have taken longer than I was initially planning. (I was more concerned about showing the result of each hit and didn't want to have the player miss that.) As for the screen map, I was trying to see if there was a way to show edges of other tiles, but ran out of time before I could do a deep dive into that. Because of the way I am drawing the graphics, I am not sure it is possible to show half a tile. I debated about having the screen scroll as the player got within a couple cells of the edge (and had done that once in a testing project I did long ago), but decided to keep it simple with the map and expand the functionality of the game itself instead.

Thanks again for playing my game!