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Thanks for trying to play it. Without Excel on your computer, I do not think it is playable. I did try using the online version found at the website but it does not appear that site can run macros (a safe and reasonable security setting).

Definitely an old-school feel for this one! I never could play the old school games. The physics of movement seemed solid, even if my brain couldn't figure it out fast enough. The teleporter probably could have been a little more forgiving; it almost seemed I needed to be stopped over the planet. My other suggestion would be to allow me to keep the controls listed as I'm playing rather than disappearing. Loved that feature but needed it in game and not just on the main menu. Great job!

Interesting concept. Not sure I really know what I'm doing so tried adjusting some settings and think it worked? Hard to accurately rate this compared to other submissions, but in terms of potential usefulness, this is definitely the winner. Good luck to meeting your goals as you keep working on this one!

Great job! I got stuck a couple times trying to get in-between rows and wasn't entirely certain how to escape (given I never played the original BomberMan game). The graphics were clear and understandable the controls made sense.

Interesting game. Took me a bit to figure out I had to submit a guess before I got a hint about how close I was. I struggled with this game given I suffer from partial color-blindness (and there isn't really a way to account for that given the point of the game) so I definitely appreciated the hints of which way to go. I can honestly say I got one correct! Don't give up! While I may not be your target audience, if I can get my wife to try this, I may just yet get some payback for when she makes fun of my sense of color "matching" that is basically non-existent!

Took me a bit to figure out the jumping mechanism. The simple graphic style was a nice throwback to the original computer games. 

Loved the concept. I kept losing so not sure if the puzzle is too difficult or I'm just understanding what I'm seeing. I also experienced the freezing issue. Loved the explanation at the beginning of the game too!

I appreciate you trying. Yeah, I definitely make no guarantees for Excel versions over 20 years old, hehe.

Thank you for your suggestion on fixing the macros. I knew it could be an issue given security settings, but was hoping most people could try it.

Really appreciate the feedback. I agree the combat could have been quicker. My goal was to give the game time to "pause" and redraw the screen but depending on how quickly your computer processes the code, it might have taken longer than I was initially planning. (I was more concerned about showing the result of each hit and didn't want to have the player miss that.) As for the screen map, I was trying to see if there was a way to show edges of other tiles, but ran out of time before I could do a deep dive into that. Because of the way I am drawing the graphics, I am not sure it is possible to show half a tile. I debated about having the screen scroll as the player got within a couple cells of the edge (and had done that once in a testing project I did long ago), but decided to keep it simple with the map and expand the functionality of the game itself instead.

Thanks again for playing my game!

I'm sorry you are having trouble. Depending on your computer's security settings, you may not be able to run the macro and play the game. You should be able to "Enable macros" via a message bar at the top of the screen when you start Excel.  However, if you don't see it and you have appropriate permissions to change Excel security settings, you can go to the File - Options menu and then clicking the "Trust Center" on the left. After clicking on the "Trust Center Settings" options, you will get the option under the "Message Bar" side menu to show a message when macros are blocked. Restarting the Excel workbook should now show you a message that the macros are blocked but you should be able to enable them.

If this doesn't work for you, I am sorry you were not able to try my game, but thank you for trying to play it!

Thanks! Programming games in Excel is how I taught myself VBA so I could automate really boring work assignments.

Thank you for trying my game!

Interesting game. I was able to get it to work, but would get stuck on some of the blocks. Not sure how to describe the level but there was one spot that I was pretty sure the character would fit through, but couldn't line it up properly and cause the character just "sticks" to the walls, I was just floating in mid-air.

Nice little game. Glad you added the walkthrough. Huge fan of point and click games, but as part of a game jam, I've realized they can be a little difficult for folks just trying to play as many as possible. (I honestly need to start adding cheat sheets for my own games too.) The art you used was great!

What an awesome concept! Loved the light/shadow mechanic. My only suggestion would be to allow for both shift keys to work (think it said was only Left Shift) for those of us who may not be WASD users. Hope you keep going with this game idea!

Interesting game. Loved the music. Think I broke something by falling too far. I landed on a platform, but it shot me straight back up in the air.

Thank you for trying the game. I wanted to leave the streak line active so the player could see the "Longest" streak as that is what is used to convert gems at the end. I'll have to look into the coloring; thanks for pointing that out. That was what I added this submission and thought I had worked out all the bugs.

As for the Nirvana question, I'll just point you to the database where I got the trivia questions on that one! It could have been a bug on my end, but I thought I fixed it as I was testing since I could see the correct answer option in the Unity console. (I got one "wrong" during testing that I knew was the correct answer, which is how I figured out I had a bug in the true/false questions.)

It was a challenge but fun. I know it is possible; I just couldn't get the controls for it, but that's fine. The floaty-ness of the spinning cube was an interesting mechanic as I could sometimes get it to fly, but just could not control it enough to not fall if I did reach the platform.

Think I won; I picked up the red cube and it said I did. Trying to control the player towards the cube - I can see how this was initially planned to be set in space! Would have hoped for the red cube to respawn so I could keep going or with one cube, force me to stop myself, without hitting a wall, first to win. 

Theme taken very literally - I like it!

Fun little game. I didn't really understand when a player scored; I think there was a sound cue but I'm not sure. But, it definitely reminded me of how it was to play air hockey with my brothers so good job!

Very frustrating but well done! Could not get past about the 3rd platform for the longest time. Interesting concept but I don't think I have the dexterity to play it for very long.

Totally confused and was just running around until I got attacked by aliens! Still not entirely sure what I was supposed to be doing but kicking the aliens and the pods was fun. Loved that you took the theme literally!

Fun little game! Not sure if it was intentional or not, but the coyote time for the trampoline was awesome! Really saved me a couple times as I'm desperately moving it back and forth for astronauts falling simultaneously. Great job! 

Not entirely sure what I played. I'm a little confused! The level design looks great and definitely fits the creepy/unknown vibe you were going for. The first block had spoken dialogue but all the other buttons didn't and when you clicked on them, the written text would pop back up. Think that might be one of the bugs you mentioned.

Interesting game. Not sure I fully understand what I'm supposed to jump and avoid and what is something to collect. Loved the mushrooms and how those exploded if you hit them!

Thanks for trying it. Missed the possible pun about swinging to the "right" answer - dang it! Thanks for the kind words about the voice. I recorded about 12 different variations and one randomly plays. There is actually a hidden easter egg in the main menu where you can hear all of them if you can find it!

The API wasn't too hard to get working in Unity. There are a couple couple Unity things you need to use, but it is basically a web request and then grabbing a JSON file. The API allows for a couple different encoding schemes so it took me a bit to figure out how to convert them properly but wasn't too difficult to accomplish. I actually posted all the code to a Github repo if you are interested; only thing missing are all the third-party art and GUI assets that I can't share:

Thanks for the comment. I'll keep the feedback in mind for the coins; I debated about adding that but didn't get a chance to add that feature.

Thanks for playing my game. I initially had post processing that would make the screen tint green if you got it right or red if you got it wrong, but I found there might be a Unity bug in the version I was using. However, all correct answers swing to the left and incorrect swing to the right but the mimic is only possible on the right if you get it incorrect though you still have a 1 in 3 chance of finding it.

Thank you for the comment. I never even thought of showing the correct answer. Oops!

Thanks for trying the game! Yeah, definitely didn't realize how awful the slow text would be. Really wanted to get the voice over in so hopefully in the next one, I'll be able to fine-tune that a bit to make it less annoying for people.

Thank you for playing part 2! Think I might try for a part 3 in the next relevant jam, see if I can tie everything together into a more cohesive game. (Maybe some of the items you need to escape the castle can be picked up earlier at another location, but this time at a more logical place.) I appreciate the bug reports. I will definitely have to look at the dialogue option; thought I did much better testing on this version than my earlier game. As for the hay bale, that was one of the few scenes I hand built so was probably a bug in how I set up the navigation. Glad you were able to still exit the scene.

Appreciate you trying the game. Thank you for the kind words but I must confess most rooms were using pre-built demo scenes that I adapted to fit. I was focusing more on story and fighting bugs for this project and I haven't developed many level design skills yet. I apologize for the text speed issue. I wanted to add spoken dialogue and the file size issue came out of nowhere and took up my final day before vacation. Will definitely be looking into adding the skip option in the future.

Thank you for trying my game. I will definitely add that feature to future games. I know it is a setting in Adventure Creator but I am still learning all the many options for dialogue, using these jams as an excuse to learn.

Thanks for trying the game. I had planned on adding speech but when I went to make a build, the size was too big. Ended up trading the dialogue time with trying to optimize/delete everything I could to make the file size smaller.

Not sure why the tavern keeper didn't have the meat. It should have been a dislogue option if you visited blacksmith first. (I stuck with the cliche of backtracking for that kind of thing.) Sorry it didn't work.

Thank you for trying my game. Glad you liked the lava; was hoping it wasn't too fast where it might make folks queasy. 

Interesting game. Huge fan of adventure games even though I am very awful at them. My only suggestion would be to have the exclamation mark hotspot trigger pop up when the player is in front of the item, no matter their depth. It took me awhile to realize I could traverse up the screen and then some interactions were enabled, but why some worked and some didn't, I couldn't say. Great job!

Fun game. I definitely struggled with the controls, but that is all on me. The top down was great, and being surprised by the enemy was entirely my dumb luck. Great job!

Glad you gave it another go! Really appreciate the feedback. Wasn't quite sure how fast to make the player move but was hoping this was closer to the sweet spot. (I honestly had it cranked up really fast when testing, which is why I didn't realize exactly how slow it was originally. To me during testing, this speed here would have still felt slow.)

Interesting game. I didn't quite have the dexterity to get the jumping down but the concept was neat. Loved the voiceover work!