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Lucky Pirate is a casual deck builder with lots of depth. It's similar to Luck Be A Landlord but comes with completely different levels & items as well as a story and different play modes. 

In each level, you buy items that interact with each other to generate coins which allow you to buy more items to get even more coins... It's simple in the beginning but the interactions get more complicated and you need to be careful about not spending too much money or you won't make the level. 

There is a fair bit of luck involved but it's more about being strategic. Especially later on. If you get stuck chat with us on Discord or here.

The game has been in development for about 2 years and contains over 100 items across 80+ levels and has multiple endings.  A challenge mode offers AI-generated content that you can keep playing forever. 

There are lots of achievements and even some small easter-eggs ;) 


You can play in your browser but I highly recommend downloading the game for your mobile device. It's a much better experience and it will save your score when a new update comes out.  Download it as an Android App or iOS App


The entire game is free. There are no ads and no other monetization schemes. All the content is available and there is also no time restriction. 

An old trailer:

There is a lot to explore here if you take the time. Nicely done!

I really like your art style. I think the big wall of text, in the beginning, is scaring away people. Maybe try to let the player figure out the background story bit by bit or just cut it down. There are also some small typos (""a missing in "ability" for example). Lastly, I recommend not being so explicit with what the outcome of your action will be (lead to Ending 3 or Ending 4) as it breaks the immersion! Keep it up :)

Pretty relaxing but also very simplistic. I was hoping something would happen if you remove all petals. Also, the text overlaps with the previous text when you click too fast ;)

thanks, I will try to test it on other PCs over the weekend. If nothing works, please just use the web version :) 

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Sorry to hear that, could you tell me which version of Windows you are using so I can try to debug it?
Also, can you try to press TAB and see if a menu pops up? Maybe the brightness is just too low?  It might also just take a bit to load, maybe wait a minute? 

If nothing works you could try the browser version here

This is an unusual game experience because it is made for Jakob Wanderath. And you are probably not him. However, you are invited to download and try the game experience for yourself. There are quite a few secrets but unless you are Jakob, you will probably not get to experience them. Sorry.

So why would you care? Well, I have been trying to get Jakob to play experience this game thing without luck. He doesn't reply to my Facebook messages and my emails bounce. But if enough people message him, or just talk about this thing maybe he will see it. I know it is a lot to ask, but could you help me out and message him?

You can find the game experience here: and this is his Facebook profile

I understand that you might want to brute force your way in. This is not the way. In fact, there is no way unless you are Jakob. I am being honest when I promise you there is no hidden message that you need to find or some secret button. If you are not Jakob, I don't see how you would get in. But go ahead, try it out. Prove me wrong.

Oh and if you are already trying it, could you let me know if everything works? I want to make sure that Jakob has a good experience when he downloads the game. So any feedback is highly appreciated. 

Jakob, if you are reading this. You have to try this. It took me so much time to make this. Please don't be angry that I am posting your profile here, it was the only way. And it worked, didn't it? So please get over yourself. I promise I made this thing to your liking. I added lots of art, references, and secrets. I am also not sure if you are still using Windows. If not, you can also play the Browser version here but it's a bit laggy. So if you are on Windows, just download it. Thank you.