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Weasel On a Stick

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Ended up playing it for like 40 minutes (4-5 in-game days) Pretty robust immersive sim controller, although I wish there was a more organic tutorial, explaining the "🐭 Meter". Interesting choice to make the player physically walk every customer into their rooms and... rats being able to steal entire beds 😄 All in all pretty fun. General polish would definitely improve the game, like ambience, fonts, less claustrophobic (idk if it's just me haha), tweaked item placement (currently the reticle disappears when cursor isn't looking directly on the ground, I prefer it would just max out) 

I might've kept playing the game if it had a save system and some tangible end goal set from the beginning

I think you forgot to upload the game?

Not sure how it fits the theme. Way too smart for me. Only thing I can say is - always show controls inside the game

Way too smart for me. At least lvl 7 looks like Spider-Man lol

I'm in the same boat. Only had time to make very short demo haha. I learned from my experience (making my game and playing yours) to focus more on the vertical slice of the gameplay much more than just the presentation

That was super cute and novel, but I want to point out weak points so the final game will be the best. (spoiler warning?)

Currently it's extremely tedious to clean up a lot of corrupted blocks. I would suggest giving the player a minigun if the player gathered more than 20-30 bullets, or if they cleared N number of lines. Or something just as ridiculous

Some technical stuff like proper game over, pause, (VOLUME SETTINGS) etc. Making gun mode less overpowered (like currently you can enter/exit for free and chip away any tetris piece into a straight piece for example)

And just generally flesh out the game more. Make more use of Flapper. Make corrupted blocks bigger, more menacing, a challenge. Same with the boss, maybe make his sprite/model get procedurally generated based on current board arrangement?

I never realized how important screaming "snaaakeee" on mission fail is.

Really good idea, just wish the minimap had blips for player/enemy locations. Maybe also increase CCTV FOV a bit, as it's kinda hard to navigate

This game is actually really close to being perfect, but:

  • UI absolutely breaks when things get crazy. My game actually crashed 
  • Hovering over every coin becomes unmanageable with a lot of plants. Add a hopper plant or permanent coin-pickup ability
  • Coins/Seeds/XP mechanics should be explained in the beginning. 
  • Boss Slayer plant should be locked behind a certain level and maybe require a mix of coins AND seeds? Being able to "unlock" a new plant would feel very exciting and rewarding

Gross. But in a good way... I think?

download-able version plays in a very tiny window and my cursor jumps outside it too often. Art, impacts and animations are pretty pretty. Lacks explanation or tactics but maybe it was just me.

Good polish. Although I would've added a brief prompt showing basic controls


That was neat


Awesome game, drawing mechanic didn't feel like an unnecessary gimmick and levels gave just enough challenge. Fever mechanic was very satisfying, and the final boss was well balanced.

Wish I knew what the "???" easter egg was a reference to

beautiful little experience :)