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A member registered Feb 12, 2017

Recent community posts

As a balance suggestion, the Lord of the Broken might be a bit overpowered at the moment because of the ability to turn an entire society broken upon conquest. If you simply don't build any dark buildings or cast any rituals, world evidence never goes up and you can simply invade each independent society until you've conquered enough of them to have 66% of the world population. At that point, you can just enshadow all of your enthralled lords and wait until you win the game. Maybe the Lord of the Broken should only make the highest-level lord of a conquered society broken, so there will be at least some resistance to your rule?

Understood. For now, I've made a pledge on Kickstarter, but if Kickstarter funding doesn't go through, I'll try to make a donation at some point regardless.

Random content suggestion: To add depth to the peasant revolt feature, maybe you could add a line of buildings themed around banditry? I was thinking that you could maybe have a ritual to force a city to spawn a peasant revolt, and a world action that "corrupts" a peasant revolt and turns it into a bandit army. The bandits will roam around the map killing traders and investigators (maybe becoming stronger after they kill traders and take their money). If the bandits get strong enough, they will try to attack cities and set up their own independent bandit kingdom. There could also be a "bandit haven" building that your enthralled lords could construct in their cities, which allows bandits to pass through their territory safely and receive reinforcements when they pass through. Hope you find this idea interesting!

Is there a way that I could make a donation for this game that isn't though Kickstarter? I've really enjoyed this game as it is and would love to pay it forward.