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As a balance suggestion, the Lord of the Broken might be a bit overpowered at the moment because of the ability to turn an entire society broken upon conquest. If you simply don't build any dark buildings or cast any rituals, world evidence never goes up and you can simply invade each independent society until you've conquered enough of them to have 66% of the world population. At that point, you can just enshadow all of your enthralled lords and wait until you win the game. Maybe the Lord of the Broken should only make the highest-level lord of a conquered society broken, so there will be at least some resistance to your rule?

You're probably right. I've changed it a bit so the Lord of the Broken gains evidence whenever they invade another nation, 10% per other lord they break, and only break half the nation's lords, so there's still opposition. Hopefully that'll fix things. These changes will be in the next version, which should be out soon-ish.