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Do you have a spare chicken or chick you could sell?

What a lovely comment, I’m sure your chickens appreciated the goodbyes! 

hi there, sorry you’re having trouble. what happens when you download the latest version from itch io and then install it?

Thanks for your feedback. The game is available for free in the browser, and so I don't think its fair to call it 'redundend'.

Hi funnybunny, 

Here's the buying and sell prices!

I hope you enjoy making your spreadsheet, I enjoy them too.

Jenny :)

If you complete all the objectives on the notice board in the game you will find out!

Thank you for kind comment <3

Hi there, I would love to submit my game Peckin' Pixels.


Thanks for playing! I have now hopefully fixed the floating chicken bug, fingers crossed!

Hi Vik, thanks so much your kind comments. Of course you can comment again with some useful tips! 

I made the sprites using Photoshop, but you can use any software for pixel art, that’s one of the beauties of it. I would love a custom sprite 😍. There’s an online version of photoshop at which will do the job too.

That’s awesome that you used to have chickens, in what cool ways do they interact? 

Thanks so much! 

Thank you so much 😊 

Neat game!

Haha wow, your corn bill must be enormous! 

Wow I absolutely love this game, thank you so much for making it!

Fab video! Glad you worked out to get the final objective in the end :)

I am developing a desktop version, stay tuned! Glad you love the game.

Great start. I was playing on iPad but when it got to the first part where you have to type, the keyboard on my iPad didn’t show and I wasn’t able to type anything, so I had to stop playing. 

I did watch it! I was very glad when you started using the grapes as it was sad how none of eggs had chicks in them. 

Great video, thanks for making it ♥️

It does save, is it not working for you? 

Hi piep, sorry to hear that. Have you played before on the same device where it won't load?

When a chicken lays an egg there’s a random chance it will have a chick inside it. You can feed them some of the special food from the order book to increase the chances. 

Haha yes I realised this too but I thought I would just leave it in for fun anyway.  

The game saves your chickens to your browser storage so they should still be there when you open the browser again. Unless you pressed the reset button. 

Sorry you’re having trouble, which browser are you using?

hahaha love this!

I’d like to submit peckin pixels

Thanks for your lovely comment <3 <3 <3

Hi Plantie!

On the last page of the order book you can buy an egg for each breed of chicken. This shows you how many there are and which ones you haven't unlocked yet.

I've added cat ears for you now!

Thanks for nice comments Plantie! I will add some cat headbands for you! Also there already is a black chicken with white speckles isnt there?

Clever idea!

Thanks for your message. Why do you want it downloadable? :)

Hi Dr Froth. The game only runs in the browser so it would be a bit of work to make it downloadable. Out of interest, why do you want it to be downloadable?

My canvas HTML 5 game Peckin' Pixels ( has appeared on dozens of websites around the web. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop this from happening? I tried contacting the websites but only one of them replied and took the game down.

Thanks in advance!

Waving Walrus Games

Ah no the glass box is the incubator. There are 3 nests near the top of the screen. They look a bit like bird nests. 

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that. What do you mean the eggs break in the box? The chickens need to lay eggs in the nest for them not break. 

I will add an exit tutorial button to stop people getting soft locked and also give people their money back if they run out in the tutorial.

You need to have 10 chickens of different colours all in the yard and not inside boxes or in a nest, etc. If you are missing a colour of chicken, you can buy an egg from the last page of the order book.  Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your comment, hopefully I have fixed the stuck in the box bug now!