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Hien Pham

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Terry For Tearing-It-Up!

An old prototype I made with a good friend at the start of the year. We never found the time to finish it, and I didn't know where to go with the writing. After going through some really difficult mental health crises, I'm hoping to take a break from my usual work and spend some time with these dogs and their antics. I think I've found the story I want to tell with them, now. I hope you'll support me on this venture!

Purchases through here and Patreon support will fund the development of this game directly. Final versions probably won't include keyboard-playing since I'll be working on this solo and I only have a Ukulele, haha!

Haha sorry! It's still in development! I really hope I'll get to finish it!

Super cute and quick! Thank you for the fun!