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My tri-fold pamphlet TTRPG setting zine about the grimdark dystopian vampire era has been released and it is open to third-party licenses. 💀⚔🛡 Check it out if you think you may like a bit darker vampires than the romantic ones that are so popular in the mainstream now. 😁


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The demo version cards are three-times smaller. The Doom Pilgrim cards are big, more than two times bigger than classic MtG card, so indeed, this is quite an expensive print, because it has a lot of content and one page cannot bear more than 4 cards in A4 or 3 cards in US Letter, so it makes 25 sheets of A4 paper or 32 sheets of US Letter paper, printed bothsidedly.

Sorry, the picture with expansions is only illustrating the text telling that there will be expansions in the PNP form too once they are ready. The first of them is coming later this year. However, I admit it might be a bit confusing,so I am ready to return you the money if you don't want the game without the expansions. If it is the case, please tell me your PayPal here, or tell me an email from which you would then send me your PayPal address to if you don't want to tell PayPal publicly. Thanks for your understanding and for your interest in Doom Pilgrim!

This old school look is really charming!

What a cool mechanics!

I thank you for such kind words! Love to hear it! Sadly,there is no set of stories for the cards,but maybe once I could make some 😁👍

Looks so cool,man! 🤘⚔️🪄

This looks really cool!

Thank you for your interest and kind words! Sorry, there is no video yet. So far I can only link the written rules, which are not long at least :)

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Hey, fellow gamers and designers, 

I have just released my new innovative project in the PNP form. Check it out here if you think you might like a solo dark fantasy game that requires a lot of effort and creativity from its player :) 

My most successful and most refined game so far, Doom Pilgrim, is now available to be printed at home ;) Check here if you like:

They look really great 👍

A PNP micro/teaser version of my game Doom Pilgrim is now available for free to be downloaded, printed on just one piece of paper, and cut into 9 business cards that fit into a wallet. :)

This looks awesome! Very unique and cute!

Thank you very much for such a nice review! I really love to hear you like the game even though it is so small. :) Indeed, it would be relatively easy to add content with these mechanics. Maybe will do that someday, though it originated just from the idea of a tiny thing that fits in a wallet bringing a bit of fun and lore around the crazy images of JEGS, my favorite artist. :)

I have just released a small dungeon crawler solo card game making fun of various cults and dubious church praxis.

It prints on just 1 sheet of paper and fits in a wallet as it is only 12 business cards. ;)

Glad you like my games, thank you very much! :) Btw, at the moment there is a crowd sale campaign going (with a big discount) for my newest game which is not listed here yet (as it is in a physical version so far):

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Just added the pack of downloadable add ons for my new board game DOOM PILGRIM:

Soon, also the DOOM PILGRIM board game (a rules lite open world dungeon crawler in the form of 90 big cards, taking place in a medieval grimdark setting) will be uploaded here as Print-and-play PDFs. So far it is available only in a physical version - click on the picture if interested:

DOOM PILGRIM crowd sale

Thank you for your kind words, I am gald you like it. :) So, I tried to make something, but as the front side layouts are made for print without scaling, they are not centered in page, so printing it as both-sides would not work with these backs (they would not fit in the same spot as fronts), I think you will need to print it separately and glue together. I will try to upload it here in the appendix. If it does not work, please write me to and I will send it to your email.

thank you! :)

This game is absolutely awesome, love it! Only a little feedback: I would shorten the animation that appears after opening the chest. Because when one plays the game the whole day like me, the total amount of time spent waiting like this is really big :D

Love to hear it, cheers!

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full ink version added ;) thanks for the tip and for your interest!

Hey all,

I have just released a PNP version of a game combining classic memory game with a bit of dungeon crawling, flavored with stupid adult humor about drunk dwarves trying to find their way home. :)

Check it out here:

thanks for your kind words, Nelson! Yeah, they are all made by me. The only collab on this game was the work on soundtrack which was made by a friend of mine. Only not sure what you mean by the "background" 🙂

Thanks for your interest, Nelson. But this is not a game, just game assets - it means it is just art that someone can use to make a game. Hopefully, someone will do it in the future :) Though it will more probably be a board game, than a digital one, because this graphic is not animated

Hello all,

I have just released a huge art asset pack for anyone looking for simple dark visuals :) I will be glad if you check that out. 580+ art parts here:

Grim Freaks

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oh, this gameplay is perfect! I love how puzzle solving meets dungeon crawling in it

Yes, my friend, it is here:

Btw, I sent a mail about it to Newsletter subscribers when it came out, maybe it dropped to spam in your mailbox or something...?

As the art on cards is reduced almost criminally, here are the artworks in full for anyone who wants to print them, or for any DM seeking a visual base for dark RPG sessions, like for Mork Borg or similar.

A big thank you goes to Jeremy MRCR for preparing the both-sided print sheets layout again!

Metempsychosis meets Old Ones in this small FREE expansion :)

Btw, the original game is on 50% sale now: $1.5 only:

Thank you, Javier, I am glad you like it! Btw, just later today, a new free mini-expansion is going to be released. But it is for advanced players, so I think it can wait anyway :) (On the other hand, I would recommend you to download and use the already existing mini-expansion called God's Mercy, which is on the other hand recommended for players beginning with the game - making it a little less hard :))

Tuck boxes for the game were made using by Tyson Manwarren

Hello, if I buy your assets, do I have permission to use them in a commercial board/card game too, not only in a video game? Btw, great work! Thank you!

People said the original game is too hard to beat, so I made a free expansion, making the game easier, though still demanding (I do not like easy games :))

It is not playable on its own, without the original game, which is here, for $3:


As a little break among my bigger board games scheduled for this year, I worked on this slasher-horror text-based minigame just for fun. It is experimental stuff, a new format, which I do not know if to title a game, or just an interactive short horror story. It has also a soundtrack in Drone Doom / Krautrock genre.