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A very relaxing game! But certainly needs some variety for plant life cycles. Don't water your cacti every day! :D I was a bit confused over what the shovel was for, until I tried to use it.

Thanks for making and posting the game!

I like references to different poems (at least I think they are there :D), and it's a pretty meditative experience. Although the font is not easy on the eyes, I understand that it's part of the 'retro' aesthetic.

Here is my poem!

Take care
instead of next step
and when the sun rises, do not take care: let it go free
drift on the currents of your thoughts
but inevitably the planet rotates, reliable the day is dying out
if you don't enter the same river twice, then he doesn't catch you

and you'll slip through his fingers, like a small jellyfish

Thanks for making and posting the game!

Don't apologise, you have created something, it's a start.

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Lovely game! Doesn't seem to save progress, though?

(Full screen works for me!)

You know, at first I was a little confused by the narrative reasons for narrowing the area that can be seen... Then I realised that the mask would hamper field of view! That little beak is lovely, too. Also thanks for including different texture for areas where patients are, it helps navigate the level better. 

Thanks for making and posting the game!

Hey, I like the palette and the premise! But for some reason there is no sound and when I use attack, the character freezes :( Tried it in the browser.

This game is the next level. And though a bit too difficult for my early morning brain, it's very fun! The cheerful music only adds to the fun :)

Thanks for making and posting it! 

This is so theurapeutic, actually! The simple gameplay makes it a soothing game, also I like this idea of looking for those intrusive thoughts in darkness. The only issue I have is that the font size of the thoughts is rather small and, due to the font itself, difficult to read.

Also I had the game freeze several times on Thursday.

Thanks for making and posting this game! 

This is quite fun, actually! I like all the different 'enemies' and especially the visual effect when the enemies collide with Earth. 

One issue I have is that the sound is only on the left for some reason (i.e. in the left headphone/speaker).

I find the sudden switches betwen music tracks a little jarring, also the controls feel slow-responding. I'm not sure why some virus cells take a lot more shots to eliminate even though there is no indication in their appearance that they are different. The little pills as ammo are a nice touch!

I am not sure what's happening here or what the player is supposed to do. How do one 'cheat'?

Maybe not music and not flat white noise, but some generators like at I find that many of them help me concentrate, or get more energetic/more relaxed. Though the advice to test different things is a sound one (no pun intended). Music with lyrics in the same language as the one you are working in (say, while writing some texts) can actually make it harder to concentrate, but music with lyrics in a language different from the one you are currently using might help you focus... Different things work for different people, though. "Field" video game music also good? It is designed to help you focus, after all, to be "in the zone".