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Ultima Online, Fallout2,Gta SaMP,Minecraft

With old-school awesomeness i reffer to freedom in choices/open world/sandbox/rpg-elements/crafting/ton's of explorable content

So basicly i'm saying the game lacks depth in that regard but it does very well at what it's doing VERY enjoyable experience action packed and rewards strategic thinking

afaik from after playing an hour and beating lvl3 the game is a very well made for modern standards/tech. lacks oldschool awesomeness but makes up for it with quality level design

Rated 5/5!
Awesome title, headed head first in some action thinking game would be short and simple.first thing i notice is a map with levels not thinking allot about it except that "angry birds had levels". so i continue playing notice that, tho suddenly i come to the conclusion that this experience had some puzzle like features in level design. i continue playing and start planning when i pickup and trow weopons and in what direction i will stomp in a door. after that al i finnish second level and notice i gained achievements, i think think achievements would be a thing... NICE. then i start thinking about it wait would there be more unlockables i continue to level three and i notice that there is a poster in what i guesse was south afrikan by reading a review before i even started the game. then i start thinking if there is some hidden southafrikan culture of frustration in the design. i noticed my arm was green and plastered by festivalbands while the enemy was blue and had hoody's and full lips. both of us are wearing sneakers tho. after beating level three i get even more achievements and am allready really enjoying the game, just after i think woah that was a fun game i'm going to play something else and i unlock new sneakers wich act like a buff i see in the map that there are even more unlockables shoes achievments and levels. just as i'm writing this review i check if i missed any things while playing and yes even now i see that you can better your time in 3 ways by beating/beating with every enemy killed and by beating with feet only. This game amazes me and reminds me of who goes in with low expectation will get the best experience from it.

i understand and appreciate your work :) also like 2.5D games allot tbh, however is it possible to download the old version as well? i tried searching between the devlogs but i can't find the version i had before

wait was'nt the character for this game 3D? i like the 2D designs but i enjoyed the 3D jiggledix

Yeah, i'm trying to make something more mechanic driven. Story and language isn't my favorite design taks haha.

Glad to hear someone else is working on a submission. It was hard to remember working on the project so i got my grandma to visit me as i worked on the project just so i would not forget, now because of covid regulations my grandma wasn't allowed to come over anymore and i forgot about it :facepalm: i saw amalgamash his video this morning and it reminded me. i hope i get something to show before it closes as i am not that good with time pressure/time management.

Hi, i wonder when you all started on your project and if and how you all did your planning?

Personally I started today from scratch again(because of breaking of laptop), i am looking forward to seeing your project on Amalgamash his youtube channel. 

Also are you guys doing demo's or story driven games?

tldr; Q1 when started  on project, Q2 did planning if yes how,Q3 kind of project?

one thing that happend with my playtrough is that the zombears ran away very far, so i made this army of bears but they dont return to the city i was trying to build. if i place new bears they panic untill i give them a sword and then they run of in the distance to never return xD

i love that this game has some suprise elements to it

its quite hard these days to find sandobx games with elements of suprise like this

i bought this for €0.91 because it is on sale at the moment of posting 50% off
from the thumbnail it looks like you used nice colors i am checking the pack now...
...looks like nice qualtiy :) comes with aseprite files, pngs and psds i would kindly ask for pngs of every button on its own? it would be convient for making quick protoypes.

Allright :D thanks for letting me know. I joined the discord server.

i basicly want to make a player variable that counts how much a rock has been clicked.

thanks for the quick response :)

so i have been messing around with the scripting a bit.

is there a list of object names? because i cant figure out how to acces a playerobject or rock and add variables to it

played 3 hours yesterday with a friend :)

the game is a great alternative to project spark imho i just love how we can create a world togheter while i can mess with javascript and create a 3d platformer he makes a 2d platformer in the same  world its amazing. Only 1 thing happend wich holds me back from playing this game even more. players can just join our world and grief anything so we have to fix the damage they have done. Luckily the only thing the other player changed was ocean height and skybox. My suggestion is to be able to invite your friends to edit mode but other can only play.