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Amazing art and good game

Good game dude

Good concept but pls add a tutorial next time good animations

Thanks for the feedback!


Perfect game


Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback

Good game thats it

Amazing game thats it!

Amazing game but make the instructions a bit easier to understand other then that its good

Cool game you can expand this into a full game easily!

Cool game but the hitbox of the player fells too big like i need to perfectly position myself inorder to go to the dark or light world other then that the game is great!

DAMN thats a tihcccc chonker my dude

Amazing it just that good

Yep i agree i made the sound effects last second

Cool concept but the controls are a bit clunky

Cool idea but its hard to get into it first

You did not upload the game

Cool concept the first level is kinda hard for me lol

Its amazing the last levels are hard lol

Cool concept but i fells clunky sometime the switch when you press W doesnt happen and also the tutorial should have been a bit better but everything else is okay.

Cool concept but there is no objective

Good game just make the first levels a bit easyer also amogus

An amazing maze game my only criticism is the hitboxes can be a little bit larger other then that the game is good.

Thank you for the feedback!

Yep. Next time im going to playtest more

Just fucking amazing

Cool concept  but at first i didnt understand other then that its amazing

Just a amazing game of art

Cool concept but you need to explain it a little bit more

Cool game but make the hands popup a little bit more clearer everything else is amazing

Its an okay game thats made in scratch but next time try something original and maybe learn to use a more powerfull game engine like unity unreal godot just keep learning you will make a cool game someday

Thank you for the feedback!

Good concept 8/10

Good idea but its buggy 7/10

can i have some bleach now pls

This is awesome continue working on this 9/10