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which characters remain in this to complete the MZ actors? 2_3, 3_1, 3_3 and 3_8? 

these are pretty cool but missing all the elements id need... any chance you could add a pack containing lightning/electric, wind, light and dark?

am i doing something wrong?
im using $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent(2);
it works if i give the part exp through an event, but if they level up through combat(after battle) if will not run the script.

these are pretty neat, any chance you could do gloves/bracers/gauntlets? hands feel a little empty

these are awesome, love the manticore and purple worm especially.
any chance you'll be doing a "human" type pack? bandits, guards, etc...? 

you're the best, I'll be getting these soon

that's awesome, i was hoping you could find a fix. i'll check it out here in a bit

actor 2-2 was included... not sure if it was meant to be

would in be possible to suggest a obsidian themed cavern tileset. black/purplish floor and walls, lava and sharp pillars of obsidian. i think it would be a neat addition

will this be updated to the newest versions of the plugins

awesome work as always, i was hoping something like this would get added!

jumping from the top of the void to the bottom and back

its hard to get a good screen shot when spamming but these 2 are the best i can do...

yeah i am using the current version of your systems.
I'm using MZ and it is up to date as well.

sorry for the (very)late reply, it happens in your sample project for this plugin, i believe that it only has one map... just checked and yep i can jump across the void by spam pressing jump the whole way.

i think the is a bug... maybe in the jump plugin? if you spam jump you can just hop across the black void without ever falling in. even if the region is restricted. 

i know this isn't one of your packs, but any chance we could convince ya to make some more knight variants? tower or kite shield with a mace? or maybe a crossbow?

i'm an idiot. I had through checked. everything works perfectly, thanks for the reply

i found an issue... if you have a moving event with the <BlockJump> tag you can still jump over it. it works fine on stationary events, but not moving ones.

you can do it, only 9 to go!!!... seriously though awesome work as always, cant wait to have the full roster!

i like the lil lizard guy but an adult version where all the cuteness gone away or something like a bulette? drakes would be badass too

saw this beauty on twitter(i think) a while back and been meaning to ask, is there any chance of this or something similiar being added into the pack?

you are the best!

The bears look awesome any chance at a Owlbear? asking for a friend...

thanks for the reply, i went and tested it and it worked perfectly.

will this work with mz? the youtube vid that brought me here said mv

i wasn't expecting 16 freaking dragons! You are awesome! now we need Tiamat and Bahamut (boss pack maybe???)

snagged up the rats! just what the sewers were missing. awesome work as always

thanks for the fast reply, it's good to know that they're still being worked on. they're so much better than the default chibi or anything i could create on my own. anyway keep up the amazing work!

i was wondering if these are still being worked on?

that was fast, awesome work as always! can't wait to use these!

these look awesome, and i plan on getting them soon. is there any plans for a skeleton archer?

when the fishing pole is selected by tool id a second UI square pops up where you can press pg.down(W) and cycle through baits that i gave their own ID, basically the same as you did with the tool id. been testing it out and i have not had an issue so far. im gonna move everything to the bottom center of the screen with a little opacity. had to butcher your sausage to make a worm lol
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would it be possible with this system, when the pole is selected (i got the wave 1 project) for a second UI to popup and allow selecting baits? to have a little more control over fishing for catching different types of fish.


Got it working pretty good, the bait selection only pops up when the pole is selected and you can press pg. down to select bait. depending on which bait is selected increases/decreases rates of certain fish. you can even catch fish to use as bait "bait fish"!!! lol sorry it's late and i'm tired. loving your cookie cutters, they're great.

awesome job with this, i used the ACE triple triad for years but recently been working with mv/mz. any chance this is gonna be updated? i'm still figuring out how plugins work, but i managed to get a shop keeper selling boosters with various card amounts and different cards(anything over 6 cards crashes). i cant figure out how rarity odds are handled in the boosters, is it done through the card settings?

is there a way to purchase these one at a time or like each month separately? i only need February and January rewards for 2018(already have all the others through patreon)

thats awesome i'll keep an eye out for those updates.

keep releasing them and i'll keep buying them lol awesome work on all the recent enemy packs.

awesome job, i can't wait to see more of these!