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I have already pledged via Kickstarter, really hope it works out and gets funded!

Oooo I see, well Candice and Demian would make for an interesting side story ;)

I'm sure we can hit that stretch goal. Can't wait. 

I saw this and just had to support it on Kickstarter! Already invested considering the beautiful art, interesting characters and successful 2012 release. Personally tho, wish I could romance Demian coz he is by far the most handsome.

Thanks for the necessary update and sorry for the unfortunate news about writer and editor for Guillam's route. 

Please don't be disheartened by this setback but continue to deliver as you have with Shinichi and Yuuya's routes. 

Willing to wait and looking forward to the completed game!

Please be patient. I am hyped for the game just as much as you were. On Kickstarter they released this post in the comments a week ago:

"It's being worked on but Steam now requires a two week approval period for games so it may be out this month on Itch before Steam. Thank you for your patience! As soon as it's out on Steam we will start sending out the keys for it!"

So hopefully we can look forward to playing it sometime the end of the month.

Interesting premises and nice art, will def pledge on Kickstarter! Best of luck reaching your goal!

I just pre-ordered this after having purchased (summer sale) and binge read the first series. Hikaru's book 2 and epilogue is still a WIP so I doubt their promise for Summer release. 

This is disappointing but as long as it is released in 2018 and meets their tier promises then it is worth the wait. High hopes for Aurelia and her love interests!

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FINALLY, thanks guys I'm so excited BUT SCARED to play. I have high hopes and will support your future projects, keep them coming.

Just made my purchase on Steam!

Just wondering would this game in addition to being released on Steam be available for download DRM-free? I have steam but don't like the fact that the application needs to be running.

Considering there is little information on the estimated gameplay, word count and endings, I personally will be happy to purchase for a max of $20 USD.

Looking forward to the release!

Thanks for the quick reply!

Considering the amount of work and art that went into this I will def preorder the deluxe version!

I have already voted yes on Steam to green light the visual novel. I'm shocked that more people haven't come across this beautiful visual novel.

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Hey guys, I love everything about this visual novel, the art, tsundere heroine, male lead variety, art omg, FAMILY theme in addition to romance.

Saw on your youtube comment that the estimated release is July-August. Gosh my biggest dilemma is preordering the standard OR deluxe. I want the extra SS stories and the deluxe pack sounds nice but I have never paid more than $30 USD for any visual novel esp not less than 40 hours gameplay. I will have to save up first ($35 USD will be $45ish AUD) and pre-order asap!

I bought this and absolutely love it! If you are after some solid characterisation, interesting premises, romance, angst and HEA OR bittersweet ending def recommend.

OMG the art is impressive and I have high hopes for the game play and storyline! Cannot wait!