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Étienne Ménard

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It was all around fun to play, though I found it a bit annoying to see so little. I felt it was missing a few checkpoints. The player character was well animated and felt good to play, a shame I didn't have to use the shovel that much. I loved the idea of just throwwing your cat around.

I really enjoyed the puzzle, though it fell on the easy side, and I would have loved to have more secrets uncovered by the light of the candle. Very good atmosphere, though sound only cam out of one side of my earphones? Probably the best application of the theme i've seen so far.

Wow! Even though I'm terrible at rythm games, I really enjoyed playing the game. The game looked great, the controls were clear and simple but I felt it missed a bit of oomph and perhaps some visual feedback when you leveled up and down? At one point everything was so fast that it was one lovely blue and green blur.

The visual effect were great, I really loved that the enemy didn't harm you but instead made it harder to see. I loved the underlying message(s), subtle or less so.

Damn! It was such a fun game to play! I am dumbfounded. Congratulations man. Might be looking at the jam's winning entry ngl.

Really awesome concept: an audio visualizer with a game slapped on it! Very vibey and trippy. I really like the 3 different visual modes! I would tone the shooty sounds down a bit, they kinda ruin the excellent soundtrack.

Thanks, good luck to you too! Have fun ^^

I loved this devlog and I hope you will expand on the game and release more devlogs like this :weary::ok_hand:

Thanks! Unfortunately there is no music menu, but we will add one, as we'll pursue our game's development.

Hum. What is your question in English?

Ah, c'est parce que Windows ne le reconnait pas comme des files qu'on voit souvent sur un ordi, parce duh I just built it dumb OS, fait juste dire à Chrome et Windows "Yo c,est chill it,s my bro's files"

Comment ça? Windows "smart" defender?


GG clap my dude!

Are you feeling it?