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Been playing the absolute hell out of this. Girlfriend says she cant understand what the hell im doing when I play lol, currently 12th place in the leaderboards but I feel I could get in the top 10 with some minor grinding, buying the full version asap, sent the link to a few of my friends to ^_^!! As for feedback, I was curious if the enemies have a pain state, sometimes I'm just dumping bullets into an enemy and I can't tell if my shots hit or not, and even just having a small chance for an enemy to not fire when hit for a couple milliseconds would add a lot to the whole gameplay loop. I think even with the base free version that has very few weapons and enemies you can get a whole lot out of the game, but some more weapons, runes, enemies, or even a different map could extend playtime by hours. Another thing I noted is the OST (I love it! I really hope y'all upload it sometime soon to grab) has no option to select or switch tracks to my understanding, this is a minor thing but having some sort of key to swap or skip over a track would be really nice. Some more general settings would be cool as well, keypad rebinds, more resolutions, maybe some accessibility functions to help make the game a bit more readable for people who are overwhelmed by the dithering filter? Just some random suggestions, food for thought. Overall- this is an amazing project and I think your approach to monetization is really novel as well, I casually used to study how altgames could be made sustainable and I think the idea of a limited shareware release and different tiers of a full release with extras depending on how much you can donate is quite creative. Amazing stuff!!!!

Incredible!!! Found this through a retweet and definitely was not disappointed. Poignant and an experience with lots of weight to it. When I finished I literally had to do the math because the 7 minutes that had elapsed had felt like 30 or so due to how well paced the game feels. Mechanically speaking it's incredibly satisfying, I recently picked up a keyboard with mechanical switches and I found myself replaying it due to how satisfying it was to repeat keystrokes and movements, exceedingly impressed with the walljump system, which many games often fall short on (eg, jumps feel too floaty, here they have weight and take focus to pull off, really cool!!!) gave this a five star rating and will probably play again ^^;; sorry if this comment is too long and rambling. Wanted to also say the visual presentation was top notch, especially loved the audio, minimalist but effective.

Wanted to leave some feedback, I've been longing to play these for awhile and picked up the bundle that was on sale. You've done incredible work curating these digital spaces and I feel SURREALISTa is the one that feels most fleshed out, even though the other titles are more visually complex. The multiple paintings you could enter and the scattered paintings you could see within each environment really made this one stand out to me. I can't wait to see more of your work and I love the idea of virtual micro-galleries. If you're ever in need of an artist to check out I think some of Henry Darger's paintings would translate wonderfully to these types of environments!!! I will support your releases long into the future :) 

very well made, cute and enjoyable to go throuhg. you have an understanding of RPGmaker that is really impressive, i dont know how to do lights like that. I was initially thinking Wade was a bit mean but I learned to warm up to them and I am a big fan of their hydra partner. The mixed media aesthetic was wonderful too, all the writing was very good I liked ever single character.

Perhaps we can get a sequel, hydra kissing simulator or cooking for hydra partner? I just think that would be cute. Thank you for the videogame gisbrecht

i won

Thank you for clarifying! That gives me the info I need no worries, my resolutions are different so that prolly explains it, I'll just use it only when I have one screen connected ^^;; regardless it is a very useful app, and thank you for responding so fast!! 

Really like this! I seem to be having an error with the multiple monitors function but I don't really find that to be too big of an issue, I can just move
applications to another window. I seem to have this glitch where it only captures a small portion of my screen. Is there any fix for this or some way users could configure their resolution, etc?

love the ui