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Incredible!!! Found this through a retweet and definitely was not disappointed. Poignant and an experience with lots of weight to it. When I finished I literally had to do the math because the 7 minutes that had elapsed had felt like 30 or so due to how well paced the game feels. Mechanically speaking it's incredibly satisfying, I recently picked up a keyboard with mechanical switches and I found myself replaying it due to how satisfying it was to repeat keystrokes and movements, exceedingly impressed with the walljump system, which many games often fall short on (eg, jumps feel too floaty, here they have weight and take focus to pull off, really cool!!!) gave this a five star rating and will probably play again ^^;; sorry if this comment is too long and rambling. Wanted to also say the visual presentation was top notch, especially loved the audio, minimalist but effective.

thank u for the thoughtful words, im glad u enjoyed it !