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I liked this game! The traps were well placed and escalated cleverly, and the scenario was intriguing and self-contained in the way a good short story can be.

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Love Eternal

Thank you for the thoughtful review! To answer your question, nothing special happens after you beat New Game++ (there's no New Game+++). 

Thank you!

ur best game yet !! the art is lovely, esp. the colors. the scope of the game was perfect, too; it told a satisfying & self-contained story but felt like it took place in a much a larger world that really piqued my curiousity... i'd love 2 see more of it in the future ! 10/10 A++

hmm that's no good :( would you mind providing me with some system specs?

it'd be cool if there was a hashtag on the jam page so ppl knew what to tag their screenshots and stuff with on twitter :) 


whoops i actually did compress the audio, i just forgot to remove the original WAVs from the assets folder :p 

thanks for pointing that out!

ty, i'm glad u like it! try shooting into rooms before you enter them :)

Yeah - it was initially supposed to be placeholder art, but as the deadline approached I didn't have time to swap it out :/

(in the interests of full disclosure, I used modified sprites from Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy Adventure as well).