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this was so much fun to watch ! thank you for streaming my game :)

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oops, sorry about that! should be fixed in patch 1.2

current pb


wow thats very impressive... maybe i should patch it so the difficulty continues to increase more?

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Fixed in version 1.7.

(spoilers ahead)

You should be able to scale the right side of the second tower now if you have all four fuel upgrades and the gravity belt. Thanks for catching this! Your old save files should be automatically detected by and compatible with this new version.

Oh no! I think you've discovered a soft lock. Sorry about that! I'll try to patch that as soon as I can.

you wanna do it like this. this trick is there's a few frames after you walk off a ledge where you can still jump, which you can take advantage of to make that first jump onto the single floating tile


thanks marina!!

damn nice

Really wonderful game. Grateful to have been able to play it.

Huh... try force refreshing the page, maybe?

I considered doing it that way, but I think it's a little more satisfying to have to explicitly press a button - like yelling "SAFE!" when you touch base in tag.

thank u for the thoughtful words, im glad u enjoyed it !

Just finished playing this, so good! I was impressed by the economy of design. Elements got reused in new contexts that made them feel totally novel, and the story beats were eerily understated and effective. It really felt like a complete experience.

haha the triple layed shot sfx (i fixed that bug in the cool update so im glad its recorded for posterity lol)

omg this rules

Really cute! A sweet concept elegantly executed.

thank u for the thoughtful review !! aria's fate will remain unknown until someone makes a fan sequel from the source code. whatever they decide i'll call canon

thank u for the thoughtful reply ! i'm glad u liked it :)) 

also props for playing on nightmare mode

thanks for playing! :)

thank u GP !!

I liked this game! The traps were well placed and escalated cleverly, and the scenario was intriguing and self-contained in the way a good short story can be.

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Love Eternal

Thank you for the thoughtful review! To answer your question, nothing special happens after you beat New Game++ (there's no New Game+++). 

Thank you!

ur best game yet !! the art is lovely, esp. the colors. the scope of the game was perfect, too; it told a satisfying & self-contained story but felt like it took place in a much a larger world that really piqued my curiousity... i'd love 2 see more of it in the future ! 10/10 A++

hmm that's no good :( would you mind providing me with some system specs?

it'd be cool if there was a hashtag on the jam page so ppl knew what to tag their screenshots and stuff with on twitter :) 


whoops i actually did compress the audio, i just forgot to remove the original WAVs from the assets folder :p 

thanks for pointing that out!

ty, i'm glad u like it! try shooting into rooms before you enter them :)

Yeah - it was initially supposed to be placeholder art, but as the deadline approached I didn't have time to swap it out :/

(in the interests of full disclosure, I used modified sprites from Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy Adventure as well).