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Hey, our mistake there, sorry. The intro song is "Technopop 7b" by TeknoAXE.

Honestly can't promise anything, but we are considering it.

Hey Alex. Even if we make a Steam version, this version on will always be free :)

Hey! Currently you can only play multiplayer with your friend if you have at least one gamepad, sorry.

You could pretend it's really a meticulously balanced system designed to frustrate you and keep you from slacking off :)

Unless this is what happened, probably not. Considering the game works fine on Mac & Windows our guess is that it's not the game's code that's the problem, but some underlying Unity BS, like usual. Still, sorry about this.

First of all, your graphics card makes us jelly. Secondly, we haven't encountered any flashing on any platform ourselves, so I'm afraid we can't point you in a direction. Sorry :/

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we don't know why that would be, as Unity's Linux export is pretty much targeted towards Ubuntu.


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Maybe soon. It'd need a rework, performance is awful.

Hey Shirl, thank you!

When we made pit width variable so it wouldn't be cramped if you're playing with friends, and not too wide if you're playing alone. So the narrower pits are really "how it's meant to be played" for singleplayer, but we didn't want to enforce that. We did a few things to balance this game, but we didn't feel like it was polished enough to justify a fair score-incentive for certain pit widths, and left them all the same.

I don't believe lets you upload images itself, but you could use a service like imgur, and then link the image.

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You're right, sorry about that. Fix is up now.

Thanks for catching that, and of course thank you for supporting us as well! :)

This is really neat. I love the idea and style. Any plans to take this further?

360 controllers are definitely supported, so I'm not sure what the problem could be if it's not the emulator, sorry :/

Inside joke about a League of Legends player we got queued up with once.

Hey inc. Unfortunately multiplayer only works on the same machine. You can plug in up to 4 gamepads and join the game with your friends that way.

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Fun fact: there's actually a 1% chance of that happening currently.

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Well holy shit, that is impressive. I have to beat you soon or I'll lose my own life. Also IIRC the multiplier is tied to the number of digits in seconds passed. Seconds 1-9 is x1. 10-99 is x2. 100-999 is x3 etc.

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Really enjoyed this. I've loved stealth games ever since the first Commandos, and this made me feel a bit nostalgic.

Kaya: 1568

Pinar: 478

Charlie: 872

Looks like you beat one of our scores! Which is unfortunate because now we have to assassinate you...

This sounds like something we should fix, can you give us any info on how to reproduce?

Deleted a few comments because they were getting off topic, sorry about that.

Hey Bluetech,

We used royalty free music composed by Daniel Gooding. I'm not sure if there is a way for you to download these tracks directly though. His website seems a bit out of date.

C#, using the Unity engine. We do not recommend it.

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What happens is that most games nowadays do their computations based on a timestep that's tied directly to framerate. Here's a good thread about this. The tl;dr is that lower framerates don't just mean choppier visuals, but also choppier calculations. This can affect everything from physics to input. That's why games that run at 60fps invariably feel more responsive than at 30fps. With a lower resolution you get a higher framerate, meaning more accurate calculations, and thus more accurate movement.

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I believe PayPal lets you check out with a credit card even without an account, but I may be mistaken. Support doesn't have to be monetary though. Another way would be to just share our game. And thank you :)

Only 1-4 players local, sorry. But if we ever turn this into a full game, online multiplayer is one of many features it'll have.

We're happy to hear that! Wish you the best of luck :)

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Hoh, don't worry. Be it this game or the next, we got many more complaints ready to fire at that shoddy engine.

Good luck on your finals :)

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Hey phyrebot, we're really glad you like it :)

Sorry about the taunts though, it has been mentioned to us by others as well, so we'll probably adjust them a little. Currently you need 750+ points to get remarks that aren't as mean as the rest.

Edit: Updated score remarks.