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Hey Shirl, thank you!

When we made pit width variable so it wouldn't be cramped if you're playing with friends, and not too wide if you're playing alone. So the narrower pits are really "how it's meant to be played" for singleplayer, but we didn't want to enforce that. We did a few things to balance this game, but we didn't feel like it was polished enough to justify a fair score-incentive for certain pit widths, and left them all the same.

I don't believe lets you upload images itself, but you could use a service like imgur, and then link the image.

Oh right.. Thanks pal :)

So, what would you like to see in the game if Logy Bit decided to make a more complete version of Bit Pit?

Some achievements, some unlockable new characters, and an epilogue will be nice. Leaderboards will be awesome too.