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So, what would you like to see in the game if Logy Bit decided to make a more complete version of Bit Pit?

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Well, damn.

Like the game says, you've got every right to brag now that you've managed to crush even my best.

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Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but... 1700.

If someone can beat that, you get a medal. But not a real one because then I'd have to ask for your shipping address and that'd be weird.

If you ask me, if you can beat Big Moist himself, you're the god of the bit pit.

...okay, I just got 1700 points. I think I might just go to Burger King, get one of the kids' meals with the paper crown, take a permanent marker, write "PIT BOSS" on it, open up a casino, and use the money I get from it to buy a kevlar helmet and bulletproof vest. And maybe bulletproof pants, too.

Also, one of my favorite things about this game is just... that start-of-game sound. It's one of the most downright cool sounds to signify the start of a game.

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Well, I just beat myself with 1128.

I'm guessing that means you're gonna hire two assassins now?

Also, I'm just guessing with this, but I think the points multiplier is tied to the amount of blocks dropped. (At 10, it's x2, at 100, it's x3, etc.) It could be time, though, I'm not sure...

So, just a question, what's the Logy BIt folks' high scores? Mine's 817.

Bit Pit is pretty great right now, but I'd totally like to see more done with this. ("Boss" fights, perhaps? Rapid-drop mode? Extra-hazardous mode?)