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Well, I just beat myself with 1128.

I'm guessing that means you're gonna hire two assassins now?

Also, I'm just guessing with this, but I think the points multiplier is tied to the amount of blocks dropped. (At 10, it's x2, at 100, it's x3, etc.) It could be time, though, I'm not sure...

...okay, I just got 1700 points. I think I might just go to Burger King, get one of the kids' meals with the paper crown, take a permanent marker, write "PIT BOSS" on it, open up a casino, and use the money I get from it to buy a kevlar helmet and bulletproof vest. And maybe bulletproof pants, too.

Also, one of my favorite things about this game is just... that start-of-game sound. It's one of the most downright cool sounds to signify the start of a game.

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Well holy shit, that is impressive. I have to beat you soon or I'll lose my own life. Also IIRC the multiplier is tied to the number of digits in seconds passed. Seconds 1-9 is x1. 10-99 is x2. 100-999 is x3 etc.

Just beat two devs with 1329

If you ask me, if you can beat Big Moist himself, you're the god of the bit pit.