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Vivid Legends

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How do I find out what's visible to the VM and would I set that?
Still new to this.

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I'm using GMLive to playtest a moblie game, however there appears to be no changes in game.
Here's what I found in the Output logs.

05-30 10:10:43.457 10496 10535 I yoyo    : HttpGet("http://localhost:5100/init?password=&config=default&version=105&runtime=", 130)
05-30 10:10:43.459 10496 10693 I yoyo    : Exception = Cleartext HTTP traffic to localhost not permitted
05-30 10:10:43.459 10496 10535 I yoyo    : [live][10:10:43] Invalid JSON response (0.011 bytes)

What should I go?

Good Greeting wobblyfoot!

Just want to say thank you for giving Stargazed the time of day, it will means a lot to me.
I wish to seek your feedback and get to know your thought process. When you said LB/RB were not working, please tell me more of what is happening. Were you holding down the buttons while trying to move around?   Did you make any changes in the controls menu?  I've also noticed a hand full of minor graphical glitches such as one present near the start of the video. How did that happen?  Can you recreate that glitch?   

I played the demo and I really liked it. All the characters are cute and well designed with a sketchy drawn to life art style.

The controls take some getting used too (especially with a low-end intel processor), but overall are fine. I used a gamepad for my play through and noticed that the analog sensitivity was high. Vivid would sometimes slowly inch her way across the room even after letting go of the joystick. A way to adjust this in the options menu would be nice.

If you have the time to spare, please have a look at this article.

I'll be following the development of Vivid, looking forward to the final product. Keep up the good work. 

*Late reply*

Ok, toke your feedback into consideration and made a few changes.

The Sad thing about is that you're probably right.

Thank you very much for the kind words, I've spent an all nighter trying to get the leap attack just right.

If you have the time would provide more feedback on some of the unfair aspects ? I want to try and iron them out.

Just get 7zip it's free.