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Thank you very much for the kind words, I've spent an all nighter trying to get the leap attack just right.

If you have the time would provide more feedback on some of the unfair aspects ? I want to try and iron them out.


The hitbox properties feel unjustified, so much so that I sometimes feel like I hit the back of a ball and it still cheesed me to its front, making me die. I also cannot gauge how much I'm going to be taken back by a ball and how much pressing I need to do to do the biggest hit - if at all. Furthermore, I have NO idea how the black balls work, sometimes I hit them and they die, sometimes they don't die, what?!

Also, it might be a neat little reference to Pool, but for laymen, we have no idea how many lives we have.

Those are all nitpicks, mind you, but I KNOW it will really help you to get more detailed feedback like this. sorry I didn't do this earlier!


*Late reply*

Ok, toke your feedback into consideration and made a few changes.