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-arrow keys (<- and ->) for change the direction left and right
-left shift to do a aggresive turn or break

-press R to restart the level and SPACE to start skiing
-press M to return to menu scene

my best time: 33.76s... yours? :3

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I always have faults in the difficulty curve, you're right, thanks for the comment

I just rated all the submissions, that was my first jam and I dont know what to do now, so i create a new topic about submissions, what's your favorite submissions? mine is Hell's Bakery!

good idea, i saw a good game there

nice submission! i like it

it's so difficult or maybe we are both bad

good game, i rlly enjoy it

The game is ok, maybe will be better if the game shows you something when you shooted an orc, another details can be better too but i enjoyed playing, good job.

I really enjoyed playing this game: mechanics, idea, execution... really nice. Excellent job

yes, ty :3

The game is great, good job

thank u for your comment, u are right, it isn't suposed to be like this and its a big mistake

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I really enjoyed, thanks for share it!
The controlls aren't clear at the begining, but then they are clean.

PD: I did 4:88   at Jumps 1  :3

que nostalgia de juego <3

me gusto mucho las animaciones del personaje, muy chulo :3

30.000 scoreee

Yeesss new record!! i love it

Penalty Strriker is a little project in development, we are two people working (one artist and one programmer).

Penalty Striker

If you want to follow his development follow us to check it and see what projects we have, thanks you so much <3

Fan art (Survive Smash)

I have developed this game in 4 months, I will be very grateful if you make me a comment to grow in this world, all the information about the game here, thank you very much <3

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Beta v3.0[NEWS] The match update:

New sprites:

Field Backgorund + Direction Line + Marker

New Mechanics:

- Now you win when you score 5 goals

- Now you lose if you get 5 goals


Beta v3.1[NEWS] The teams update:

- Now you can play with your team! (Football Club Red)

- Now you can play against your team! (Football Club Blue)


Beta v4.0[NEWS] The tournament update:

New sprites:

-Tournament sprites

-Team shields

New Mechanics:

-Now you can play a tournament!

Beta v4.2[NEWS] The menu update:

New sprites:

-New menu UI

New Mechanics:

- Now you can chose your team!

Well job, simple but nice game congrats for it! <3

nice game!!! i really enjoyed <3 thanks to share it