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Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing! I ran into these glitches during testing and unfortunately it wasn't possible to mitigate them in the time allotted for the jam - I'll see if I can address in an update. The falling through the floor glitch seems to only happen at lower framerates, so if that's the case try lowering your resolution/disabling post processing in the settings menu and seeing if that works better for you.

So glad you enjoyed!  Stay tuned for our larger projects coming later this year


Hmm sounds like a glitch - I'll look into it.  Mouse input right? 

In the meantime, gamepad controls are the recommended way to play the game!


Glad you like it!

Thank you! Enjoy

Thank you! Glad you like it

DON THE RED AND WHITE ONCE MORE and join the ranks of SANTACORPS in the third exciting entry in the Virtuoso Holiday Special Jam tradition! With Kommander Kringle out of commission, it's up to YOU  to spread cheer far and wide using your skills and magic. Hope you enjoy, and happy holidays!

Hey! Due to this being a "jam" title it's not too extensively tested on varied hardware at the moment - that said, the game should run fine on most modern hardware (Core 2 processor and up, +2gb  RAM). You can download the game for free to see if it runs well enough for you