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Adding camera controls for navigating the Z axis would also be super useful.

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Just a few quality of life requests:

  • Display the current file name somewhere, possibly in the title bar
  • Add the * indicator after the file name whenever unsaved changes are made
  • `Q` and `E` to rotate the camera in place as an alternative to mouse rotation, which is tied to the grid center. With this, `AWSD` controls would be changed to be relative to the camera.
  • `Ctrl` + `S` hotkey to quick save.
  • Toggle sidebar visibility.
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It would be extremely useful to show h/w/d and x/y/z of the selected object/s, even when not being manipulated. A simple stat box in the upper right corner would be awesome. Use case for this is when you are adding new objects to the scene and don't know the dimensions or positions of existing objects.

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Great job on this, it will be an amazing tool as you continue to add features and polish it a bit more. After playing around with it for a while, I have some feedback. I'll add here too rather than creating a new thread:


  • Tooltips that show a larger version of each model/color/pattern on a delayed hover.
  • Tooltip all the things (tabs, any icons, the size boxes and the position arrows, etc).
  • +1 on hex/rgb color inputs
  • +1 on rotating on multiple axes. This added feature will greatly increase the number of available blocks and possible creations.
  • I finally got the hang of pattern/color application, but it was very confusing and I only figured it out by accident. I was expecting the color swatches to function as a color palette, not as a control for all objects of that color (though I can see how that's useful). Being able to label these styles would go a long way in reducing confusion. I'd suggest putting the [color] [pattern] [style name] in a vertical list rather than organizing it like a color palette. Then, move the colors/patterns/gradients tabs to a modal that appears when you add or edit a style.
  • Buttons to move the camera to preset angles: top, side, isometric, etc.
  • Make the folder icon a breadcrumb. Clicking on it shows a list of object folders rather that cycling through objects.
  • A favorites folder for objects. Objects could be added by right clicking them in their folder and selecting Add to Favorites from a context menu.
  • A list of all objects in the scene, similar to layers in Photoshop. Each object would be renamable and would have a visibility toggle. Selecting an object in the list would select and outline it on the grid.
  • To build on the above, groups of objects would function the same way once multi-select and grouping is added.
  • Some of your inputs would be better off as select boxes rather than cycling through multiple options. A select would allow the user to choose what they want more quickly. Sprite export is a prime example of this.
  • Change default lighting with color and intensity options for quick testing without exporting to another program.
  • In the same vein, the ability to add and place multiple light sources might be helpful as well. You could add an emmissive property to a style so that any shape could turn into a light source.


  • An object can't be larger than ~9.5. I tried creating a plane for "ground" just for reference, but was unable to make it larger than ~9.5 or so. After that point, dragging the size handle convert to actually moving the object in that direction rather than resizing it.
  • When objects are placed at -0.1 (below the grid), there is z-fighting with the grid lines over the object when rotating the camera

UI Mockups

For a few of the suggestions above, I created some mockups:

I'll add a +1 for this functionality as well. How about H, J, K keep the flip functionality and CTRL/CMD + H, J, K rotate on the same axis as the corresponding flip?

Since no one else is making suggestions right now, I'll suggest a few other categories:

  • Sci-fi (along with sci-fi textures)
  • Rocks/asteroids/cliffs/craters
  • Hexagons
  • Gems/Ice/Crystals

Keep up the great work!

Awesome, thanks! That should be enough to get me started. As long as the stages are consistently named, that could work as well, even if I can't name them myself.

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I have a request for some additional primitives that I haven't seen in any of the screenshots:

  • Sphere
  • Hemi-sphere
  • Quarter-sphere
  • Eighth-sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Half cylinder
  • Cone
  • Rounded donut
  • Flat-top ring

Also, I have a feature request if it doesn't already exist. I saw that you can batch export stages. Can we also assign names to those stages? Thanks and I'm looking forward to when this comes out!