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I enjoyed playing it. Others have mentioned the basic platforming mechanics as a criticism, which I don't really mind as I am not big into platformers/skill based platformers myself, so it wasn't something that was bothering me. As for further development I would recommend having a more open non-linear level design with some backtracking to reach previously unreachable parts with found character uprages like double jump and the like, with the bonfires serving as checkpoints to respawn (my guess is this is what you are going for anyway)

Thanks for the feedback!

You are right there isn't much there yet, I wasn't even sure if I should submit something right now or wait for next Demo Day. It just ends at the first enemy encounter. There is an inventory menu on the bottom left that you can cycle through clicking the arrows on the screen currently, which I plan to expand to have more interaction with picked up items. As for the the music I added it last minute as I thought it would be better to have something than nothing and it isn't definite, I might come back to your offer though!

Sorry, I uploaded another version it should work now.


Hey thank you for your comment and another thank you for the donation, glad you enjoyed it this much!






Start Screen:


Select Screen:


All the songs can be found on Free Music Archive ( )

Hope that helped :)

thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it!

Really nice, very good sprite art, great music, good gameplay idea.

I just noticed there is no way to fail. Maybe make like you have to have a min amount of band members to continue the next level?

Nice game, looks good! But hard as nails hah.

I like it, it was fun!

nice, pretty good idea. Also that puzzle at the start was pretty good.

Simple but very fun.

I like that the arrow is the weapon and light source at the same time, I like it!

I have to say I am not good at top-down shooters and smup type games, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!

Interresting little game, very relaxing.

My only complaint is that X and Z buttons are not next to each other on an european Keyboard-layout, but that's not really an issue with the game.

Nice game! Love the artwork, really enjoyed it!

Had some fun messing with the minions.

Wow great game! Shame I am not good at shmups.

Jumping and boosting all over the map while shooting mechs is great fun, even though there is no objective yet I could do it for hours without it getting boring, I just wish there was a health powe-up so I could continue doing so indefinitely without dying!

I would love play, aesthetics remind me a bit of space funeral (don't know if this was intentional or not) but I am too much of a pleb to set it up to run.

Thanks. We try very hard to expand this game to the best plant simultion game there is!

Very hard but I enjoyed it a lot. Very nice visuals.

Maybe make savepoints or keep the opened key-doors open when you restart?

I liked the feeling it conveyed and the music fits great.

Nice game I really liked it!

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the video gameplay!

Hey! Do you plan to include health/repair pickups in the future?


Thank you for taking the time to play the demo and give feedback on the game!

thank you for playing!

Thank you for your comment pointing out some bugs and suggestions for improvement!

I fixed the defective savepoints and a couple of other things.

Wow, nice game! Sometimes the spikes were a bit hard to see but aside from that I enjoyed it very much!

Sorry I didnt answer right away. I have used Blender and Photoshop for the most part.