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This is a very entertaining dungeon crawler and is even more amazing a game to me, being written in BASIC 2.0.  I really like the atmosphere you've created.  Excellent work and who ever says you can't make enjoyable games using BASIC is simply wrong.

I enjoy puzzle games like this.  Nicely done!  Please keep it up.  I hope you expand on the puzzles with future updates.

A nice tribute to the classic trilogy.  Thanks!

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Just proves that a person with the proper skills can make some entertaining games in BASIC 2.0.  Well done!

Still enjoyable, though.  :)  I'm playing on an NTSC system, if that has any bearing on it.

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An interesting spin on the "mastermind" style logic game.  The graphic text adventure game engine seems pretty solid, too!  Nice work.  Only thing is, in the first game I played I made sever or eight accusations and when I solved it, the game said I spent 28 minutes investigating.  On the second game I played, I made only three accusation and was told I spent 42 minutes investigating.  How does the scoring work, exactly?

I agree!  I'd like that, too.  Something like what they did for Frantic Freddie 2, which does have a version for both the C64 and the C128.

Thanks for all of your efforts on this enjoyable text adventure!  Being able to play it on my C128 in 80 column mode is a real treat.

Thanks for taking the time to develop this point and click version with soundtrack!  Just an FYI, it doesn't load on NTSC.  I only get drive load errors, unless I run in my emulator with PAL selected.

Very creative!  If you ever do a v2 of the clock, would you be able to work in more controls for the alarm?  Like being able to change it once the clock is running?  Even put power-pills where the alarm is set on the Pac-Man time line! :D

Well done!  It's a difficult game, but not frustratingly so.  Thanks for adding to my catalog of fun games on my C64/128!

Excellent work!  I've spent so many weekends as a teen, typing in games like this into my C64.  I really like the idea of incorporating the use of the mouse.  This is probably my favorite Klondike game on the C64.

A challenging platformer with nice responsive controls.  Well done!

As an "infinite runner" game, I found this one to be very creative. I really like the PETSCII art, too!  :D  Good job!

Quite right.  Most probably a VICE issue, since you've checked and double checked the game code.

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Got it right from here.  Played it on WinVice 3.1 x86 (in NTSC mode).  It hasn't happened since, though.  It might have been just a fluke.

A fantastic port of the arcade game I loved to hate.  I'm terrible at it, but just find it so difficult not to play.  Only one thing, I found this bug during one of my session (see video at the end of my blog entry)....

I had a great time playing this adventure.  Well done!  I did a review of the game on my Commodore blog, here, and hope to interest more people in giving it a try.  Please don't let this be your last graphic text adventure.

Thank you very much!  :)

Can you tell me, is this game NTSC compatible?

Thank you for the disk image!  Will try it out on my C128 right away!

Do you think you could release this as a .d64 or .prg sometime in the future, so I can play it on my real C64?

Well done! I'm terrible at shooters games, like this. So, typically I don't spend much time playing them. But I really like what you've done here. Next to Salamander, I think Relentless 64 will become my next favorite shooter game. Thanks for including the different difficulty levels.

I liked the PETSCII graphics on the intro screen, too, and how you carried that theme over into the game-play. Very cleaver.

Yes, I have been able to play it this way.  It's just that I like to have the option to play the games I buy on my real C64.  Up until now, all of my Psytronik purchases have been playable on my system.  I'm just disappointed that this one doesn't.  My fault, as I should have known to make sure the game description said NTSC compatible.  But, I didn't this time.  So, I left the comment above, in case others are looking for NTSC compatible games.


This game doesn't appear to be NTSC compatible.  I can't say that I'm not disappointed.

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I really enjoy Let's Invade and was pleased to see a part two.  It's an excellent continuation on the original, but there are a couple things that keep it from being as good as the original (in my opinion). 

First thing I noticed is that the fire control is hit and miss, that is, the gun doesn't fire all the time when it should.  I'll pause, line up my shot, press the fire button, and nothing happens.  I miss my shot.  This doesn't happen in the original.  I've tried playing the game on my real C128, VICE emulator and C64Mini, all with the same results.

Secondly, the strobing background graphics in Let's Invade 2 are a little too compact for me.  In Let's Invade 1, the designs leave enough black space to see the game action without too much difficulty.  In part 2, I have to turn off the strobe effect in order to see the game action comfortably.  The more intricate background patterns interfere a little to much for me.

Apart from these two minor issues, Let's Invade 2 is an entertaining sequel!


Fantastic!  I'll be sure to keep a look-out for it!

If you could make a version for NTSC, I'm on board!  In the meantime, I wish you well with your new release.  It looks really good.

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Finally, a dungeon crawler done right!  I'm enjoying this adventure very much.  Although, I feel that the game could improve upon a couple of things, as I've mentioned in my blog post here:

You guys are amazing!  Everything has come together in this game just perfectly.  It takes the best elements of games like Turrican and Metroid, adds a fantastic soundtrack to the mix and puts it all together into this masterpiece.  Instant classic!